During these exceptional times your normal energy consumption will be severely disrupted. Find out how we can support you through this period.

During these exceptional times it is expected that for a large number of us our normal energy consumption patterns will be severely disrupted. Whilst some parts of your estates may be seeing a dramatic reduction in demand (such as office use) others may be seeing a sharp increase or potential future spikes.

Assess the impact of your energy requirements

In some cases, decreases in energy consumption on part of your estate may be offset by increases elsewhere, so it is important for you to assess the impact on your overarching portfolio requirement to make sure that any extraordinary peaks or increases can be accommodated safely. It may be helpful to check where demand is no longer required, everything is being done to ensure building management systems are reviewed/reset to ensure that capacity can be diverted to where it is needed.

Additional metering and networks 

Please also remember that where additional demand on your estate requires amendments to your metering configuration (for example a new supply point and meter installation at a temporary building) you can use our energy supply agreements to have these amendments made. Contact your account manager at the supplier you use to discuss your options. We would advise you to contact suppliers as early in the planning process as possible, to avoid any risks associated with local network capacity.

Standby and emergency generators

At a wider network level everything is being done to manage the shift in demand patterns to keep the grid stable and safe. It is important to understand however that in some circumstances the grid may not have the excess or spare capacity to accommodate additional peaks/spikes in demand. In these instances the use of  standby/backup generation may be required either on a temporary or longer term basis. This may be needed not only to protect your operational effectiveness but also to protect the network in your local area.

Your estate may already have standby generators in place, however if not, or if you anticipate that your additional demand could be greater than your current backup capacity CCS can help. If your estate assessment indicates that you required additional support, we will be able to help with the provision of generators though our pre existing frameworks and agreements.


We can help

We have already reached out to the suppliers on our agreements and they have confirmed that they have stock available and can react quickly to meet our customer needs. 

If you have indications that you may need help or support in this area CCS can act quickly to support you. If you need help or assistance please send your initial queries to info@crowncommercial.gov.uk with the subject COVID-19 URGENT PROCUREMENT.