3,475 technology companies have been handed places on the latest iteration of Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) agreement for digital specialists, it has been announced.

  • 3,475 technology companies now available to the public sector
  • £1.5 billion has been spent through the framework since its inception
  • Over £200 million of that spend has been with micro-sized firms

94% of awarded suppliers on Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4 are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

The new agreement helps public sector organisations find suppliers that can buy, design, build, test and deliver software, supporting the delivery of world-class public services that meet the needs of citizens. 

Public bodies have so far spent £1.5bn through the three previous Digital Outcomes and Specialists agreements, with 32% going directly to SMEs. More than £200m has been spent with micro-SMEs.

Niall Quinn, CCS Technology Director says: 

DOS 4 will continue to help facilitate digital transformation for our customers while creating opportunities for collaboration with a wide range of suppliers. For this new version we have been able to enhance the framework and make some improvements to the Digital Marketplace in line with customer and supplier feedback, to improve their experience.’

Andrew Tulley, Director of Monitor Intelligence Services Ltd says: 

The DOS framework provides us a highly effective mechanism for engaging with our public sector customers. Its streamlined and straightforward nature means we can remain focussed on our mission of providing value-for-money enterprise technology services without being tied up by over-complex tender processes.’ 

There are four solutions available to customers: digital outcomes, digital specialists, user research studios and user research participants.

DOS4 is accessed through the Digital Marketplace, created in 2014 by CCS and Government Digital Service (GDS) to make government procurement easier and more transparent.

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