Our new Digital Inclusion and Support Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) has launched for customers.

Designed to help public and third sector organisations educate service users about accessing and using their services online, as well as developing digital skills, the new agreement builds on the existing Digital Training and Support framework. Following reviews of the core service elements required by customers, engaging with suppliers and without overlapping existing CCS frameworks, the new agreement focuses on 2 core areas:

  • assisted digital – providing support to anyone who can’t access government digital services independently to help them find information and complete transactions
  • digital inclusion – helping users gain basic digital skills so that they can access government digital services independently and make the most of the internet

The new DPS will give freedom and flexibility for customers to define their requirements to meet assisted digital and/or digital inclusion users’ needs, providing access to expert suppliers of these services and helping to deliver social value outcomes, particularly inclusion and diversity. 

The DPS allows customers to find and shortlist suppliers who can offer services relating to: 

  • support – this includes the delivery of support to assist users through all or part of a public and third sector digital service
  • design – which covers services relating to the design of a digital inclusion training course, product or intervention for any channel
  • delivery – includes the delivery of digital inclusion training through any channel

Customers can then hold a mini further competition to find the most suitable supplier and will be able to award a contract for up to 5 years.  

Visit the website to find out more, or complete our form to speak to one of the team.