Crown Commercial Service, in partnership with the Local Government Association, is investing in supporting councils to tackle climate change through the launch of a new sustainability programme

Published 3 October 2023

Last updated 3 October 2023

A new Sustainability Sector Support Programme, funded by CCS, was launched on 1 October to assist councils in reaching their local carbon reduction and adaptation targets. 

Over the next 2 years, it will provide councils with the tools and opportunities they need to help build capability and capacity in sustainability and the environment. The programme will offer data-driven and consistent approaches for the sector to prioritise the actions that will help them achieve their sustainability, efficiency, and improvement goals.

The training programme supports the Government’s agenda to decarbonise all sectors of the UK economy to meet the net zero target by 2050. It aims to help councils effectively manage their carbon reduction through:

  • building capability – providing learning, skills, and guidance to help councils meet their climate and adaptation targets, through masterclasses and workshops that will highlight key sustainability themes and upskill participants
  • tools – a greenhouse gas accounting tool and waste emissions calculator will help councils baseline their data and assist with internal emissions reporting
  • networks – an online sustainability hub, a monthly sustainability bulletin and an officer communities of practice network

Eddie Gibson, National Account Manager for Local Communities and Housing at CCS said:

CCS is delighted to be working with the Local Government Association (LGA) and investing over £700,000 on this 2 year programme. Councils are a vital part of moving their communities towards net zero – this programme will enable knowledge-sharing and spread good practice across the sector, placing sustainable outcomes at the heart of council decision making.

Cllr Abi Brown, Chairman of the LGA’s Innovation and Improvement Board said: 

As the leaders of local areas, only councils can lead targeted local climate action in our villages, towns, and cities. 

Councils are at the forefront of local sustainability action and through this programme and partnership with CCS, the LGA will be able to support councils with carbon reduction and adaptation measures.

If you would like any further information on any aspect of our new sustainability programme, please email