Tower 9 awarded a year-long extension, while customer input is sought to help shape the category's future.

In October 2017, Crown Commercial Service was awarded the contract to manage Tower 9 as part of the Department of Health Procurement Transformation Programme. 

The original contract was for 3 years with the option to apply for a first extension period of 12 months.

Following a recent extension application, Supply Chain Coordination Ltd (SCCL) confirmed that Crown Commercial Service has been awarded a 4th year-long extension, running until October 2021. 

We are delighted to be given the opportunity to realise the benefits of the work that has been undertaken during the last 3 years, while striving to achieve more in the future.

The five areas within the category will remain as:

  • Office Supplies
  • Office Furniture
  • Batteries and Torches
  • Patient ID wristbands
  • NHS Printed Stationery 

There are currently over 13,000 products available within the category, which are under constant review. 

CCS is happy to continue to support NHS Supply Chain to deliver solutions and savings to the NHS for another year.  We aim to provide further choice, sustainable and value for money options within the Office Solutions category.

Richard Denney – Corporate Pillar Director, Crown Commercial Service

While remaining focused on delivery, during the coming year the Tower 9 team will turn their attention towards planning and innovating 2 key areas that are due for renewal – Office Supplies and Office Furniture.  

Both of these areas have been impacted by coronavirus and will evolve accordingly.  Analysis is underway to determine if this impact will be long-term, but antimicrobial furniture and screens are currently trending, along with technology products to support those staff continuing to work at home and are therefore consuming less traditional stationery products. 

The intent for the new product areas is to increase choice and value while remaining compliant and sustainable. 

Shape the future

Now is a critical time for customers to engage with the category’s market analysis to influence and co-design each scope to drive growth and savings opportunities while ensuring customer requirements are met.  Sustainable options will be prioritised in all of the product areas.

Additional new areas of innovation under consideration to enhance the category offering include:

  • Managed Print Services
  • Hybrid Mail
  • Document Storage
  • Children’s/outdoor furniture

The new Batteries and Torches framework is also due to go live in April 2021.  This framework has recently expanded to include associated facilities management consumables, such as light bulbs, tools and additional medical batteries.

Please contact us if you would be willing to contribute to the above procurement strategies or require any further information.