Last Updated 6 July 2020

Finding the right path to work towards Carbon Net Zero is becoming increasingly challenging. Read our 3 step guide to start your journey.

The UK has legislated to end its contribution to global warming by 2050, in effect reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 100%. The Clean Growth Strategy outlines a pathway for the public sector to halve non-traded emissions from buildings (direct heat and power, plus any fugitive emissions from coolants or refrigerants) by 2032.

Finding the right path to work towards Carbon Net Zero (CNZ) is becoming increasingly challenging and brings together many aspects of an estate. We have created a guide for you to use to gauge where you are and how to make initial improvements towards CNZ. 

We recognise the challenges you may face, whether you’re a large estate or a single building. We have routes to additional and specialist support that can lead you through the steps to help you in achieving your CNZ goals. Our guide looks at how you can reduce your consumption, getting the best return on investment from just managing your energy more efficiently, before you even start to think about any capital investment such as retrofits.   

We have engaged with the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Office of Government Property (OGP) to ensure our interactive guide aligns to their ambitions and positively helps our customers on their CNZ journey.  

Visit our webpage to access our interactive guide, find out more and learn about the further support available.  

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