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Case study 15th August 2023

Customers save over £3.5 million in recent mobile voice and data aggregation

In this case study, we show how 16 customers, including 9 local authorities and 5 NHS trusts, achieved significant savings on mobile voice and data services through aggregation.

Man with mobile phone

Case study 3rd August 2023

DWP Digital make savings on digital transformation with pay as you use model

Discover how DWP Digital achieved over £7 million in savings with HPE Greenlake's pay-as-you-use model, enabling flexible, efficient, and up-to-date digital transformation.

Man working on a computer in an office environment

Case study 14th July 2023

Microsoft licence aggregation saves customers £1 million

Learn how local government customers in Scotland achieved an average saving of 4.5% on their Microsoft licences by taking part in our latest aggregation.

Crown Commercial Service announces the next iteration of a Memorandum of Understanding with IBM

Case study 6th July 2023

Discover how 25,000 energy supplies were successfully transferred despite global pandemic

Over 25,000 energy supplies were successfully transferred to a new energy provider during a 12 month period despite the challenges of a national lockdown.

A customer using a mobile app, with a smart meter in the background

Case study 6th July 2023

Discover why UK Research and Innovation returns to CCS to support its sustainability plan

In this case study, you will learn how UK Research and Innovation uses Crown Commercial Service’s energy agreement to further its sustainability goals.

A birds eye view showing rows of solar panels in a UK field, a source of renewable energy.