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Why sell through CCS?

CCS can help you sell to 20,000 UK public sector buyers spending over £22.8 billion a year. Our commercial agreements are designed to help businesses of all sizes sell to government.

Becoming a CCS supplier is a great way to grow your business while supporting public services.

Our commercial agreements are split into 2 different types: ‘frameworks’ and ‘Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS)’. Below is a brief description of how they both work.

What is a framework agreement?

Framework agreements help businesses sell goods and services to public and non-profit organisations. 

Frameworks include a description of common public sector requirements, a list of suppliers who have been evaluated as capable of providing the requirements, and standardised contract terms. Frameworks are often divided into lots, typically by product or service type. 

Suppliers bid or ‘tender’ competitively to be awarded places on frameworks. Each framework is different, but as a general rule, suppliers must demonstrate how they can provide the goods and services required to an agreed standard. Suppliers may also need to explain how they can generate social value, or meet carbon net zero targets.

We assess all of the tenders received from suppliers before the framework goes live and award places based on factors such as the ones listed above. Once suppliers have been awarded a place on an agreement, they can tender for work from public services that use the framework.

Become a supplier on a CCS framework agreement.

What is a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)?

Dynamic Purchasing Systems are similar to frameworks, but suppliers can join at any time during the agreement’s life.

We use pre-arranged checks based on a range of criteria to create a list of suppliers that customers can filter to suit their needs. This makes it quick and easy for customers to find what they want and gives companies the opportunity to supply public sector contracts at any point in the agreement’s life cycle.

The application process for joining a DPS is usually quicker and simpler than for a standard framework and suppliers can offer additional services throughout the life of the DPS should their business expand into new areas.

Become a supplier on a CCS Dynamic Purchasing System

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