Commercial agreements

Commercial agreements are a compliant way to buy products or services from suppliers who have applied to be on the agreement and have been vetted to show they can supply the products and services listed.

Commercial agreements include a description of common public sector requirements, a list of suppliers and standardised contract terms.

Commercial agreements that offer multiple services or products are divided into ‘lots‘ so you can select exactly what you are looking for. 

You can buy from a commercial agreement in various ways, such as direct award, or by running a further competition among the suppliers who will bid for the business. 

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Ways to buy

Take a look at the different ways you can buy through our agreements to see which is right for you.

Further competition

Ask the suppliers listed to bid for your business.

Learn more about further competition.

Direct award

Place an order directly with a specific supplier.

Learn more about direct award.

Dynamic purchasing systems (DPS)

Search using a range of criteria to identify suppliers pre-approved by CCS.

Learn more about dynamic purchasing systems.


Have potential suppliers compete to win contracts.

Learn more about eAuctions.


Combine your needs with other public bodies to get the best price.

Learn more about aggregation.

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