Catalogues are designed to make it easy for buyers to make smaller or one-off purchases such as:

  • office equipment (including back office software and network services)
  • IT supplies (including notebook laptops, mobile phones and desktops)
  • printed materials (including business cards, flyers and forms)

Items can be bought online for quick delivery and prices are updated regularly to always ensure the best value. Buyers will pay the price per item published in the catalogue.

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Ways to buy

  • eMarketplace

    eMarketplace allows you to browse and make purchases or request quotes for simple items like office equipment and technology products.

    Learn more about eMarketplace

  • Purchasing Platform

    Buy items from a range of suppliers through one online platform. Includes simple items such as technology products including laptops, smartphones, accessories and software.

    Learn more about Purchasing Platform

  • Print Marketplace

    Print Marketplace is a digital tool for buying printed material, including brochures, flyers, leaflets, business cards, letterheads and other transactional print.

    Learn more about Print Marketplace

Ways to supply

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