We understand that procurement can be confusing. Organisations often use different terms to describe the same thing. With that in mind, we designed this glossary to make buying with us and navigating our website easier. It is not designed to be an extensive list of all procurement terms.


Request for Information (RfI)

A request for information involves getting input from the marketplace in the form of a written report. It will include general information such as expertise, production schedule and shipping capacity. Buyers use this input from the market to help them develop their user requirements. A buyer may complete a RFI if:

• the specific lot or agreement is very detailed and the specification is very high level

• they are unsure what the appropriate delivery method should be and seek input from the marketplace

Request for information

A Request for Information can be made when a buyer/customer is looking for input into developing their user requirements and are seeking input from the marketplace.

Example: If the customer is unsure of the appropriate delivery model and seeks input from the marketplace.