We understand that procurement can be confusing. Organisations often use different terms to describe the same thing. With that in mind, we designed this glossary to make buying with us and navigating our website easier. It is not designed to be an extensive list of all procurement terms.


Further competition

Once you have selected the CCS commercial agreement that meets your requirements you can ask the suppliers listed to bid. This process is called a ‘further competition’. This may be run under any CCS framework or Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) which has multiple suppliers. Generally in public procurement further competition is the preferred route to market because it offers a fair and open competition. There are 2 types of further competition. These are:

1. one stage further competition: You will need to invite all suppliers to bid for your opportunity and assess all bids that are submitted.

2. two stage further competition: You can shortlist the suppliers to find the ones most suitable for your procurement using a capability assessment tool. Only the suppliers on the shortlist will be invited to bid for your opportunity.

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RFP further competition

It provides buyers the capability to invite potential suppliers to submit a business proposal, through a bidding process, for the supply of a commodity, service, or asset. RFP Further competition is where customers want to engage with multiple suppliers so they can see each supplier’s proposal and pricing before making a decision on who to award the contract too.