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Aggregation: Microsoft Cloud Services

About this event

To support the agreed Digital Transformation Arrangements (DTA) with Microsoft, sometimes referred to as the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), we will be running a number of aggregations.

Who can join?

Any customer can join the aggregation, but to secure the MoU discounts you must be an eligible customer, as defined in the MoU. Most public sector bodies are eligible and you will be required to confirm your eligibility before joining.

Eligibility criteria for UK public sector customers

If you are a contracting authority as defined in the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 or the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015 (as these are subsequently amended, or as contracting authorities are renamed or restructured from time to time) with the exception of:

  • utilities as defined in the Utilities Contracts Regulations or the Utilities Contracts (Scotland) regulations 2016
  • any company or entity (or any defined part of an entity) which operates on a for-profit basis (see below)
  • any entity which Microsoft and CCS have specifically agreed should be excluded

Does your organisation operate on a for-profit basis?

If you are a contracting authority but your organisation operates on a for-profit basis then you may not eligible for the special terms and prices. The following additional criteria will be applied to profit-making public sector organisations to determine whether your organisation is considered for-profit:

  • do the revenues/profits of your organisation go solely to UK Government (no profits go to private shareholders)?
  • is your organisation exempt from corporation tax?
  • is your organisation financed more than 50% by UK Government (does it derive less than 50% of its funding from commercial activities)?

If the answer to all of these questions is “yes,” then your organisation will not be considered for-profit and you will be eligible.

If the answer to any of the questions above is “no,” then your organisation shall be considered for-profit and you will not be eligible.

Eligibility criteria for UK social enterprises

If you are an organisation or business that exists primarily for a social or environmental purpose and work with UK public sector organisations as defined above (a “Social Enterprise”).

To be eligible as a social enterprise your must meet all of the following criteria:

  • be a UK trading entity
  • have a stated primary aim of performing a social or environmental purpose
  • reinvest all profits back into the business or the stated social or environmental purpose
  • generate more than 50% of your revenue from commission services to public sector organisations

In addition, the social enterprise must take one of the following legal forms:

  • trading charitable organisation: a registered charity that derives less than 10% of its funding from voluntary donations and legacies. Registered charity status can be proven with either a registered charity number from a recognised UK charity regulator or HMRC
  • registered society: as defined in the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014
  • cooperative society: registered pursuant to the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014
  • friendly society: incorporated under the Friendly Societies Act 1992
  • community benefit society: registered pursuant to the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014
  • social or community enterprise: (set up as a trust, company limited by guarantee, partnership or unincorporated association) which trade in goods or services with a defined social mission
  • a registered community interest company: registered under the Companies (Audits, Investigations and Community Enterprise) Act 2004 as amended

Microsoft and Crown Commercial Service reserve the right to review and reject the status of any organisation as being eligible for the DTA special terms and prices.


  • engage with CCS by 31 January 2022
  • provide final requirements by 18 March 2022
  • tender published by 31 March 2022
  • tender deadline by 15 April 2022
  • award by 29 April 2022
  • enrolments between 1 June 2022 and 30 November 2022

Join the opportunity

Download our customer webinar to learn more about the opportunity.

To register your interest please complete our online form stating ‘Microsoft Aggregation’ in the comments box.

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