An eAuction is an online procurement tool that allows potential suppliers to compete against each other to win contracts to supply goods and services. Suppliers bid against each other, in real time using web-based software, to offer the best price. 

eAuctions bring together similar needs from lots of public bodies and encourage suppliers to offer the most competitive pricing to win higher volumes of business.

Who can use

Available to all public sector buyers.

How to buy

We manage eAuctions from start to finish, with a dedicated and experienced team available to guide you through the process. 

Read the guidance on eAuctions and contact us if you are interested in participating.

Best for

Meeting similar needs from lots of public bodies such as several schools signing up to buy laptops.

Not suitable for

Bespoke or complex requirements.

Payment methods

This will differ depending on the framework you are using.

Time to supply

Depends on multiple factors such as the complexity of the goods and services required.


  • maximises commercial advantages and increases the opportunity for savings 
  • CCS can manage the process free of charge for buyers 
  • suppliers have multiple opportunities to bid (a traditional tender provides only one opportunity) 


  • not suitable for buyers that need tailored products/services

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