Dynamic purchasing systems

Using a dynamic purchasing system (DPS) you can search using a range of criteria to identify suitable suppliers. Once you have identified a list of suppliers you can then run a further competition.

Who can use

Available to all public sector buyers. 

How to buy

Register as a buyer and view the available DPS agreements to create a shortlist of suppliers using the filtering within the DPS and then invite those suppliers to compete in a further competition against your criteria.

Best for

  • a range of goods and services that can be clearly specified
  • requirements that can be fulfilled by small suppliers
  • buyers who want the ability to filter suppliers by set criteria, for example capability, credentials or location
  • emerging or dynamic markets

Not suitable for

  • direct award or catalogue requirements
  • immediate delivery

Payment methods

Whatever individual suppliers can support, including:

  • purchase order
  • debit, credit or e-payment cards
  • your in-house payment process

Time to supply

  • depends on service/product
  • simple requirements can be quoted within 10 days


  • suppliers are able to apply to join at any point, increasing the range of competition through the life of the DPS
  • unlimited numbers of suppliers and unrestricted access to smaller suppliers
  • not limited to a maximum term of 4 years
  • you can filter by different requirements such as service offering, location, accreditation, project size
  • you can design your further competition to meet your own specific requirements


  • buy through further competition only: direct award not permitted
  • customers do need to evaluate suppliers against their own criteria/requirements

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