Supply Teachers and Temporary Staff in Educational Establishments

Recruit temporary and fixed-term teachers and non-teaching staff for UK schools, colleges and education establishments. It is not available to independent (for-profit) schools.


The supply teachers and temporary staff agreement can be used to recruit all temporary and fixed-term teaching and non-teaching staff. The agreement runs for 2 years and may be extended for 2 further one-year terms. It is available to all UK:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Academies
  • Trusts
  • Nurseries
  • Pupil referral units
  • Children centres
  • Further education institutions.

It is not available to independent (for-profit) schools but is available to charities/non-profit schools.

The agreement is sponsored by the Department for Education.

Using this agreement, you can recruit all roles in the education sector, including:

  • Qualified teachers: Special Education Needs (SEN & Non SEN)
  • Unqualified teachers: SEN & Non SEN
  • Educational support staff e.g. cover supervisors and teaching assistants
  • Headteachers
  • Senior leaders
  • Administrative, IT, finance, estates and maintenance, cleaning staff and more.

The temporary workers available are screened to Keeping Children Safe in Education standards.

Temp to Perm Fees

You can also transfer temporary workers hired through this agreement to permanent employment at your organisation. There’s no finder’s fee if the worker has been in their post at least 12 weeks and you give the supplier 4 weeks’ notice.

Fixed Term Appointments

You can also use the agreement to hire employees on fixed-term appointments. They will be paid via your payroll but have a fixed end date to their employment.

Nominated Worker

If you’d like to hire a worker who is not currently signed up to an agency supplier, you can find a supplier who will perform the background screen and put them on the agency payroll for you. This is called a ‘nominated worker’.

There are three ways you can buy through the deal:

  • Preferred supplier list (lot 1)
  • Master vendor managed service (lot 2)

To start using the agreement access the Agency Selection Tool

Terms and conditions, guidance and other useful framework documents can be found on the documents tab.

The Currently Accredited Suppliers list, in the documents tab, shows which suppliers have been awarded to each lot and currently hold accreditation.

Please note: This framework is for temporary workers only. To find permanent teaching staff, use the Teaching Vacancies service.


  • Robust background screening and safeguarding to DfE Keeping Children Safe in Education standards
  • Suppliers are audited and accredited to show they have best practice standards in education recruitment
  • Free transfer to permanent (‘temp-to-perm’) after 12 weeks in post, subject to 4 weeks’ notice
  • Nominated worker facility: you can find an agency to put a worker you want to hire on their payroll
  • Consistent, pre-negotiated terms and conditions & a simple order form
  • Complete transparency of costs
  • Managed service options – managed service provider & neutral vendor

Products and suppliers

There are 90 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Preferred Supplier List


90 suppliers

Lot 2: Master Vendor


4 suppliers

Lot 3: Neutral Vendor Expired: 29/08/2020

How to buy

Lot 1: Preferred supplier list supported by an agency selection tool

If you are a school in England and have a DfE sign-in, use our agency selection tool.

If you are a school in England that does not have a DfE sign-in, you can fill out this form to request access.

If you are a school in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, or are another type of customer (i.e. Local Authority) you can use an offline version of the tool. Please email for the tool.

You will need to know the type of worker and length of assignment you require, then use the tool to search for suppliers by distance from your organisation. You can contact suppliers identified using the tool directly.

When you have chosen a supplier, sign an order form (short template in the documents tab) and send it to them. You can use “The Requirement” section of the form to further define your requirements/needs. You only have to do this once per supplier. There is no limit to the number of suppliers you can use.

Lot 2: Master vendor managed service
A master vendor can provide all your temporary recruitment needs from a single supplier. If you choose a master vendor, they will supply whatever candidates they can, and where they can’t, they will find other suppliers who can via their supply chain. Several suppliers on the deal can provide a master vendor managed service. Please contact all of the suppliers listed with your requirements to run a further competition to select the one that’s right for you. Take a look at our guidance on how to run a further competition or if you would prefer contact the supply teachers team and we can provide help and support for you through this process.

Once the further competition is completed and you have selected a supplier, sign an order form (full template in the documents tab) and send it to them. You should notify the unsuccessful suppliers. An implementation plan should be agreed with the chosen supplier supported by regular update/progress meetings with the supplier. Moving forward all requirements for workers should be sent to the chosen supplier.