General Legal Advice Services

Legal advice for central government, covering the 23 most commonly required areas of law, including major projects, litigation and advisory services.


This agreement provides legal advice services under English and Welsh law for central government and arms length bodies. Suppliers are also required to supply legal advice under Scottish law where required (directly, through subcontracted law firms or other approved arrangements). Legal advice on international jurisdictions is also in scope if suppliers are able to provide it, giving central government international legal advice without further procurement.

There is no upper or lower limit on the value of contracts which can be awarded, although requirements below £20,000 may be exempted by some suppliers.


  • 2 hours free initial legal advice in respect of each piece of work
  • Lower than market rates
  • 23 areas of law commonly required by central government, including major projects
  • Services are not subdivided into lots, so one contract will access a range of work
  • Commercial terms include hourly, daily and monthly rates, fixed pricing, and performance-based payment
  • Direct award available and simple shortlisting for further competitions through supplier prospectuses
  • All aggregated spend earns entitlement to secondments, exchanges and free work from suppliers, which will be allocated by GLD across the customer base
  • Bespoke contracts designed for central government
  • Free additional services for customers including knowledge transfer, access to training and know-how.

Products and suppliers

There are 18 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: General Legal Services Tier 1


12 suppliers

Lot 2: General Legal Services Tier 2


6 suppliers

How to buy

Read the client guidance and information on the services offered – see the documents tab.

Direct award

Read the supplier prospectuses and ordering procedure at schedule 5, an addendum of the agreement.

Further competition

Read the guidance in schedule 5. Use the CCS eSourcing suite, which has competition templates. Consult the customer guidance for help with registration and navigation.