Management Consultancy Framework (MCF)

Advice on finance, audit, HR, health and community, education, infrastructure, ICT, and digital technologies for central government and the wider public sector.


This framework provides management consultancy advice for central government, arms-length bodies, non-departmental public bodies and the wider public sector. It has increased the number of suppliers from previous frameworks and includes smaller suppliers. You can find suitable suppliers from the lots on this agreement using the new digital filtering tool.

The tool allows you to filter by specialism and region.

The lots are a hybrid of functional and sector-specific consultancy.

This brochure provides an overview of the management consultancy portfolio within CCS.


  • Maximum rates capped for 4 years
  • Rates can be reduced by further competition
  • Value thresholds removed (the previous framework, ConsultancyONE, was for contracts between £100,000 and £2m)
  • Large number and range of suppliers, including small suppliers, providing effective competition
  • Expanded framework scope including sector-specific focus
  • Standard T&Cs agreed with suppliers
  • Alternative pricing models available

Products and suppliers

There are 129 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 2: Finance


22 suppliers

Lot 3: Audit


19 suppliers

Lot 4: HR


25 suppliers

Lot 5: Health and Community


50 suppliers

Lot 6: Education


28 suppliers

Lot 7: Infrastructure


44 suppliers

Lot 8: ICT and Digital


43 suppliers

How to buy

Read the customer guidance documents before using the framework. Then use the new digital filtering tool to help you find suitable suppliers to meet your needs.

Some customers, including central government departments and the NHS, require approval prior to buying consultancy. Check your internal policies and controls processes.

The standard purchasing process under this framework is through further competition, unless customers fulfil the criteria for direct award. See Schedule 5 of the framework agreement for details of the call-off procedure.