Multidisciplinary Temporary Healthcare Personnel

Hire temporary medical staff of all job roles and bands. Approved by NHS Improvement.


You can source all clinical staff at varying pay bands through this NHS Improvement approved agreement. It includes doctors, consultants and all specialist roles. All nursing grades, including midwives and social workers. Allied health professionals (AHP), health science services (HSS), emergency services (ES), including dentists.

There is provision for unsocial hours, high cost area supplements and the agency workers regulations (AWR).

The exceptions are temporary non-medical, non-clinical (NMNC) staff who are covered by the CCS NMNC agreement; and staff banks for which there is the Workforce Management agreement.


  • NHS Improvement price caps are contractually embedded and CCS assurance team ensures suppliers comply with NHS Employment Check Standards
  • Override mechanism allows you to stay ‘on framework’
  • Range of suppliers from small regional businesses to national organisations
  • You can use one supplier for booking, invoicing, reporting and approvals
  • Consolidated invoicing

Products and suppliers

There are 64 suppliers on this framework

Lot 1: Multidisciplinary Temporary Healthcare Personnel


64 suppliers

How to buy

There are two ways to buy:

Direct award

Choose from the list of suppliers that have already been successful in securing a place on the framework. Rate cards are available from the commercial agreement manager.

Further competition

Invite suppliers to compete for your contract. Simple order forms are available in the call off agreement, download the attachment in the documents section. You can also use CCS eSourcing tool to run a further competition.

Alternatively, contact for support.