Payment Acceptance 2


Enables the public sector to accept card and alternative payment methods either face to face or through eCommerce and digital routes. Provides access to payment (payments in and out) consultancy services.


Provides a range of payment acceptance services including:

  • card acquiring and gateway services: this is the process of collecting card-based payments from customers and their banks and then giving them to retailers and merchants both in person and online
  • payment equipment, such as chip and pin machines
  • alternative payment methods (APMs) such as over the phone and the internet
  • payment initiation services (PISP) as an optional service

Also included are specialist payment consultancy services to help customers assess their end to end payment landscape. A payment landscape refers to the money customers receive (accept) and how they pay for the services they use (issuance). 

What is payment acceptance?

Payment acceptance is a process where providers of goods and services are paid by consumers.

Typically, those receiving payments are paid by an ‘acquirer’. This is a regulated entity who can settle funds from a range of payment types (such as Visa and MasterCard).

The acquirer usually receives funds from the consumer’s card or account ‘issuer’. The rules of the relevant payment scheme governs this transaction flow and is provided by the relevant interbank processor.

The Agreement has a 4 year contract period.


  • customers  are able to buy services to meet their specific payment acceptance needs
  • transparent fee structure
  • savings of up to 15% against typical market rates

Product types: 

Lot 1: Payment Acceptance Services

Access a range of payment acceptance services including:

  • allowing you to accept payment through face to face or unattended point of sale (POS) terminals (such as car parking machines)
  • providing payments through alternative payment methods (such as over the phone and the internet)

You can also access a full range of optional services including PISP. These are payments which are authenticated and paid directly out of a persons or businesses bank account using faster payment instead of a debit or credit card.

Lot 2: Acquiring and Merchant Equipment Services

Accept payment (and settlement of funds) through face to face or unattended POS terminals (such as parking machines).

Lot 3: Payment Consultancy

For strategic advice to define payment acceptance and payment issuance requirements.

Customer engagement

We continue to work with customers to understand their current and future needs. A draft specification will be made available for the new agreement.

Supplier engagement

We would like to hear from suppliers to better understand the marketplace.

If you would like to register your interest and provide feedback for this agreement, email the team. In your email you will need to include:

  • organisation name
  • contact details
  • job title of contact
  • organisation website link

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Activity Estimated dates
Pre-market engagement Spring 2023
Drafting of procurement documents Summer 2023
Publication of FTS notice 8 September 2023
Framework Award November 2023