Vehicle Telematics Solutions


Central government and wider public sector organisations can use this agreement to lease, hire or buy vehicle telematics hardware and software solutions.


Access telematic products and services to help you improve the efficiency of your fleet operations and optimise your fleet, driver and risk management.

Telematics is a phrase commonly used to describe how information technology and telecommunications are used to track the movement of vehicles and extract data to inform decision making. 

You can install a telematics device (such as hardwired tracking devices, dash-cams, and plug and play devices which typically plug into the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port) within a vehicle to collect data. The data is then transmitted to a secure data hub which you can view in real time using a web-based portal.

For more information about what services this agreement will provide, read the ‘product types’ section below.

We designed this agreement to allow suppliers the ability to adapt their offerings to meet your requirements. This ensures that they can provide the telematics solution that best meets your needs.


Effective use of vehicle telematics will enable you to:

  • analyse vehicle usage to enable evidence-based decision making and policy development
  • achieve your carbon reduction policies and goals through improved fuel efficiency, driver behaviour, future vehicle selection and the transition to zero emission vehicles
  • reduce accidents, injuries and property damage through improved driver behaviour and driver training programmes
  • analyse the whole-life costs of a vehicle by assessing elements such as servicing, maintenance and repair costs
  • achieve your employer’s duty of care and meet regulatory compliance
  • improve your approach to risk management

Product types

Lot 1 supply of vehicle telematics hardware, software and associated products

Access a wide range of telematics hardware and software solutions. Suppliers may offer supply only or supply and fit solutions. This may also include the provision of products and services including:

  • telematics data extraction devices and solutions, such as On-Board Diagnostics (OBD), Can-Bus, plug in devices and smartphone solutions
  • in-cab devices such as monitors, cameras and dash-cams
  • external cameras and CCTV
  • asset and vehicle tracking software
  • route planning software
  • event video recorders and incident data recorders
  • solutions for specialist and heavy vehicles including waste management or winter maintenance
  • workforce and/or fleet management optimisation solutions
  • driver and risk management solutions such as driver ID and driver benchmarking
  • products or services related to achieving covert operations and/or blue light related fleet and incident management

We may add other associated products and services while the agreement develops to ensure we provide an effective telematics system.

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Publication of FTS notice 10 November 2023
Framework award 5 March 2024
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Framework expiry 5 March 2026