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Public sector organisations can access a workforce programme delivering professional, managerial, operational and administrative workers through a wide range of delivery routes, including statements of work (SOW). The programme is facilitated by a single managed service provider (MSP), working closely with the Crown Commercial Service category team. 


This agreement will replace RM3749 Public Sector Resourcing.

Access a workforce programme which will provide a range of routes to engage talent for your organisation, with a single MSP (managed service provider) able to offer strategic partnering and advice on the best way to use the services to meet your business strategy and workforce needs.

We developed this agreement using extensive engagement with potential customers across the public sector, as well as the supply market. 

It provides a range of routes and services to hire workers in specialist, operational and admin or clerical roles. It includes the following service lines:

  • sourcing temporary workers, paid through an hourly or daily rate, with rigorous processes to ensure full compliance with baseline personnel security standard (BPSS) vetting and key legislation such as the Agency Worker Regulations and IR35 off payroll worker tax rules.
  • engagement through statements of work (SOW): this is where a supplier is engaged via the MSP to deliver a set of specific and pre-defined outcomes on a fixed fee basis
  • recruit-train-deploy (RTD): where a supplier recruits individuals and trains them to have the needed skill-set before placing them into your organisation to work and learn
  • permanent recruitment: services to recruit permanent, fixed term and internal secondment roles through recruitment agencies
  • resource augmentation partnering: often known as ‘employed resource model’, this is defined by establishing a relationship with one or more organisations who have permanent employees with the desired skill set. The partner then deploys their employees to your organisation on request, on an agreed day rate, to quickly fill urgent needs
  • campaigns: the MSP will help you find a specialist firm to run larger recruitment campaigns, which can cover temporary, fixed term and/or permanent roles to offer full access to the talent market according to your needs. 

Permanent recruitment, resource augmentation partnering, and campaigns services will not be available when the agreement starts. We will introduce these services into the agreement at a later date.

A single supplier will be the MSP for this agreement. You will be able to award call-off contracts directly to this supplier without needing to run a further competition. When you place your call off contract you will be able to select the service lines you want to use.

Building on the successes of RM3749 Public Sector Resourcing (PSR), this will be a managed contingent labour programme closely supported by the category team in CCS. Through PSR this involved a significant continuous improvement programme to enhance the services, as well as detailed support to our customers when legislative change, such as the changes to IR35, occur to help our customers make the transition smoothly and compliantly. 

Customer engagement in the development of this framework has identified areas of improvement which we will be expecting bidders to respond to through the competitive dialogue process, enabled by a cutting-edge technology stack.

Key strengths of the PSR framework will be retained, including the use of a single vendor management system (VMS) or equivalent, with other integrated tools. This provides detailed data across all the services, supporting customers to understand the full makeup of their contingent workforce and, with advice from the MSP, make the best use of the range of service lines to secure the best possible value for money.

This agreement will run for 6 years, followed by an 18-month (1.5 years) transition period. During the 18-month transition period, new customers will not be able to join, but existing call-off contracts can continue.

Depending on your own internal governance, you are able to award a call-off contract for as long as you need. This can include having a call-off contract for an initial fixed period followed by options to extend.

Existing Public sector resourcing (PSR) customers

If you are currently using the RM3749 Public Sector Resourcing agreement and would like to use this agreement, we can support your transition. There will be a managed process to transition your current contingent workers and any on-going demand without loss of service.

We have already started initial transition planning. Our agreement team will be in contact with more information in the next few months and sessions will be  run in due course. Should you need to get in touch with us prior, please email us

We are also exploring opportunities for supporting this process for central government customers subject to the Cabinet Office commercial control.

New Customers

We anticipate discussions with new customers interested in onboarding onto the RM6288 framework will commence in May 2024. In the meantime, if you need anymore information please email us.

Framework Award

We are happy to announce that the incumbent, AMS, has been awarded as the RM6288 Managed Service Provider.

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Prior Information Notice (PIN) Read PIN
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Activity Estimated dates
Pre-market engagement February 2022
Drafting of procurement documents September 2022
Publication of FTS notice June 2023
Framework award February 2024