Construction Works and Associated Services 2 (CWAS2) / ProCure 23 (P23)


03/09/2021: We have experienced a slight delay and we are now aiming to publish the Invitation To Tender (ITT) towards the end of September.

Until we are able to publish the ITT, you should direct any questions relating to this procurement to our team.

Due to this delay, the webinar which we advised would take place on 2 September 2021 will now take place on Tuesday 5 October 2021 at 10:30 am.  

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NHS England and all other UK public sector bodies can buy a range of construction works.


This is a collaborative agreement between CCS and NHS England and Improvement for the provision of construction works.

It will provide construction works to the NHS in England and all other UK public sector bodies. This includes:

  • health including NHS Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • local Authorities
  • blue light services
  • education
  • devolved Administrations

ProCure23 (P23) will be the fourth iteration of the ProCure agreement and will continue to provide design and construction services to the NHS. Once the Department of Health and Social Care’s existing ProCure 22 (P22) expires, lots 1 to 3 will be the default commercial agreement for capital health projects in England.

Lots 4 and 5 will be part of Construction Works and Associated Services 2 (CWAS2). They will provide extra market capacity for larger value, general construction and airfield projects and will run alongside the existing Construction Works and Associated Services (CWAS)

This agreement will also support government policy of using construction of infrastructure and building to drive the market recovery following Covid-19.


  • applies the principles of the Construction Playbook by rationalising agreements and taking a collaborative approach between CCS and NHS E&I
  • successful suppliers are approved using a thorough selection process
  • flexible application allowing use of all common construction procurement contract methodologies (for example, NEC3, NEC4, JCT) and supporting early engagement of the supply chain
  • reassurance that the commercial agreements carries out all government policies and strategies
  • brings together industry with the end user to promote collaborative working practices
  • improves outputs by adopting an innovative framework alliance approach (encourages openness and trust between parties to a contract)
  • promotes innovation and efficiency through the use of technology and modern methods of construction (MMC)
  • supports the use of whole life cost approaches in public sector spending (this means taking into account the total cost of a product or service over its lifetime)
  • introduces government Boilerplate clauses to standardise industry terms and conditions for best value
  • supports a sustainable industry for example, prompt payment, social value, carbon net zero initiatives
  • lot structure opens up opportunities to SMEs at regional level to bid for public sector contracts
  • enhances CCS commercial agreements for construction works, construction professional services, modular building, building materials and facilities management. Creating an end-to end strategy

Product types

Proposed lots:

Lot 1: ProCure 23 (P23): Healthcare Solution Provider <£20M:Regional Sub-Lots:

  • 1.1: North East (Includes Yorkshire and the Humber)
  • 1.2: North West
  • 1.3: Midlands (East & West)
  • 1.4: East of England
  • 1.5: London
  • 1.6: South East
  • 1.7: South West

Lot 2: P23: Healthcare Solution Provider £20M  to £70M National Lot)

Lot 3: P23: Healthcare Solution Provider > £70M (National Lot)

Lot 4: CWAS 2:Airfield Works (National Lot)

Lot 5: CWAS 2:General Construction Works >£80M (National Lot)

Customer engagement

We carried out customer engagement as part of CWAS procurement activity. We have carried this customer engagement forward into this next iteration.

NHS E&I undertook extensive customer engagement to prepare the P23 requirements for this procurement. We created the procurement approaches and lot structure directly from this work.

Supplier engagement

If you would like to receive progress updates, you can register your interest by emailing the team

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We will be hosting a Webinar on 2 September 2021.

If you would like to attend this webinar, you will need to let us know in your email by midday on Friday 27 August 2021.

Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN) Read PIN
Contract Notice in Find a Tender Service (FTS) Not available yet
Tender documents Not available yet


Activity Estimated dates
Webinar week beginning 4 October 2021
Drafting of procurement documents September 2021
Publication of Contract Notice September to October 2021
Award of agreement February to March 2022