Construction Works and Associated Services 2 (CWAS2) / ProCure 23 (P23)

NHS England and all other UK public sector bodies can buy a range of construction works and services.


We have partnered with NHS England to provide a range of design, construction and building services for:

  • NHS capital projects which refers to the money spent on investing in buildings and infrastructure, including the maintenance and repairs of buildings and facilities
  • major and minor building works
  • general construction
  • civil engineering projects

We designed the flexible contract structure of this agreement to provide solutions for a range of needs. It includes advanced and innovative contract arrangements which will allow you to buy services as self-managed sub alliances.

ProCure23 (P23) will be the fourth iteration of the ProCure agreement and will continue to provide design and construction services to the NHS and Social Care organisations. 

Lots 1 to 3 will be the default commercial agreement for capital health projects in England. The services in these lots will apply to England only.

Lots 4 and 5 will support the existing Construction Works and Associated Services agreement (CWAS). They will provide extra market capacity for larger value building works and general construction projects. You can use the services provided by lots 4 and 5 nationally.

The lot you use will depend on the value and requirements of your project. For more information, read our works and services document.

The agreement supports the following government policies and strategies:

  • building information modelling (BIM) which is a process that allows you to manage information while using technology and tools to plan and visualise the entire project during pre construction
  • life cycle cost
  • prompt payment
  • project bank accounts
  • early contractor involvement
  • social value

It will also complement other CCS agreements including:

  • construction professional services (RM6165)
  • construction professional services DPS (RM6242)
  • modular building solutions (RM6014)
  • building materials and equipment (RM6157)
  • facilities management marketplace (RM3830)


  • A Gold Standard Construction agreement
  • compliant with the Construction Playbook practices
  • flexible application allowing the use of all common construction procurement methodologies and supporting early engagement of the supply chain
  • brings together industry with the end user to promote collaborative working practises
  • improves outputs by using an innovative framework alliance approach
  • promotes innovation and efficiency through the adoption of technology and modern methods of construction (MMC)
  • supports the use of whole life cost approaches in public sector spending
  • introduces government “boilerplate” clauses to standardise industry terms and conditions for best value
  • supports a sustainable industry through prompt payment and social value initiatives

Products and suppliers

There are 34 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1.1: Healthcare Solution Provider <£20M - England East (Includes Yorkshire & Humber)


8 suppliers

Lot 1.2: Healthcare Solution Provider <£20M - North West


8 suppliers

Lot 1.3: Healthcare Solution Provider <£20M - Midlands (East and West)


8 suppliers

Lot 1.4: Healthcare Solution Provider <£20M - East of England


8 suppliers

Lot 1.5: Healthcare Solution Provider <£20M - London


8 suppliers

Lot 1.6: Healthcare Solution Provider <£20M - South East


8 suppliers

Lot 1.7: Healthcare Solution Provider <£20M - South West


5 suppliers

Lot 2: Healthcare Solution Provider £20M – £70M - England


9 suppliers

Lot 3: Healthcare Solution Provider >£70M - England


8 suppliers

Lot 4: CWAS 2. Airfield Works – National Lot


6 suppliers

Lot 5: CWAS 2. General Construction Works >£80m - National Lot


20 suppliers

How to buy

You can buy from this agreement through further competition or direct award.

The length of a further competition will depend on:

  • the size, scale and complexity of your project
  • your projects requirements

Before buying from this agreement, you should first decide which lot(s) is most suitable using our Guided Match lot selector tool. If you are still unsure, contact us by email for help.

When you have decided on the lot, you will then need to:

  1. register as an additional client by completing the registration document
  2. return your registration document to us by email

There is no joining fee and no commitment, even after registering.

Once you have registered you can then access supplier alliance member rates.

Running your procurement 

If you want to run a procurement you will need to complete an additional client user agreement (ACUA) form and return it to us by email

When we have received your ACUA form we will provide you with a unique reference number. You must reference your ACUA number on all communication with supplier alliance members. 

You will also need to state which procurement portal you will be using to ensure that suppliers are registered and can respond to your bid. Once the supplier alliance member receives your ACUA reference number, they can bid on your project.

Once you have exchanged contracts, construction work will soon begin.

Choosing your contract

All the commonly used procurement routes, tendering methods, payment arrangements and standard forms of contract are available from lots 1, 2 or 3 you will need to use the New Engineering Contract 4 (NEC4) forms of contract.

Boiler-plate clauses are included for things such as GDPR and intellectual property rights. You have the freedom to include additional contract changes at the further competition stage.

The contract types available include:

  • NEC 3 or 4: provides a wide range of project management contracts and ensures users complete projects on time, on budget and to the required standards
  • joint contracts tribunal (JCT) provides a suite of standard contract forms which set out the responsibilities of all parties within the construction process such as who will complete the work, when they will complete it by and for how much 
  • PPC2000: offers a single contractual hub, allowing all team members to ‘contract as a team’ on identical terms
  • term alliance contract (Tac-1): provides any type or size of works, services or supplies
  • Scottish building contract committee (SBCC): where the work involved is simple and designed by or on behalf of the employer and uses the JCT forms wherever possible