Crown Hosting II

Access secure, reliable and efficient specialist rooms (data halls) and buildings (data centres) which you can use to operate your server, network and security infrastructure (ICT) from. This data centre co-location is available to all UK public sector organisations.


The server, network and security ICT which runs your IT services needs to work on demand and continuously.

We brought all the needs of the public sector together to provide you with exceptionally low cost and environmentally efficient buildings. You can use this agreement to buy:

  1. space in data halls which you will share with other public sector organisations
  2. private data halls and data centres that only you will use
  3. physical equipment such as racks which you can use to mount and power your ICT inside the data halls
  4. electricity to power your ICT
  5. optical network connectivity to other locations
  6. network cabling within your data hall and to elsewhere on-site
  7. help to set-up and on an ongoing basis operate your ICT
  8. help to move your ICT from where it is now to Crown Hosting


  • value for money: overall costs are less than half the 2022 market price and provides better security and reliability than is normal for the market
  • pay only for what you use
  • low electricity charges and lowers the cost of related services, for example network connectivity and IT support
  • Carbon Net Zero (CNZ) operation of your ICT: all electricity is green sourced, providing more than 99.9% CNZ and similar water savings compared with UK average
  • fast to use: buy by direct award only from a pre-agreed catalogue of products and services with set prices
  • short lead times which are as little as 1 month
  • convenient: provides you with onsite help to build and operate your ICT in the same physical location as cloud suppliers
  • occupation period to your convenience: with flexible terms of between 1 month and 7 years
  • terminate your occupation early with as little as 1 month notice and without penalty charges
  • technically advanced solution providing excellent energy efficiency and high capacity racks (4 to 30kW)
  • suitable for the location of ICT supporting data with a security classification of Official, Secret or Top Secret
  • suitable for Critical National Infrastructure at any security classification
  • provides for all HMG threat levels
  • central Cabinet Office and CCS team act as the authority on behalf of all customers undertaking security and technical assurance, service and performance management
  • technology Code of Practice compliant route to digital transformation and migration of IT services to public cloud

Products and suppliers

There are 1 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Crown Hosting II


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How to buy

Buying Crown Hosting services is different to other technology products and services. You can buy all services through direct award and from a predefined catalogue of products and prices.

A single central buyer known as the framework authority will contract the services from the supplier.

To buy you will need to:

  1. sign an access agreement (a memorandum of agreement) with the framework authority
  2. once this is complete, you will need to sign a call-off agreement with both the supplier and framework authority
    1. neither the access agreement or call off agreement commits you to buy or spend
  3. once you have signed a call-off agreement you can place one or more orders for services by direct award

The lead time of co-location products depends on the quantity you need. If there is stock available the lead time can be next day, but for most products it is between 1 and 6 months.

Commitment to buy is completely flexible and can accomodate any period from 1 month to 2045. You can exit your contract with as little as 1 month notice and without penalty.

If you have any questions or want to discuss your needs, email the team.