Audit & Assurance Services (A&AS)

Access audit and assurance services including internal and external audit, counter fraud and investigation.


Central government and wider public sector can access cost effective audit and assurance services from a range of suppliers across 4 specific lots.

You can access the following services through this agreement:

  • internal audit and assurance
  • external audit
  • counter fraud and investigation 
  • other independent assurance

For a more detailed description of the service lines provided under each lot, read the lot description document.

This agreement will run for 4 years and there will be no option to extend.

RM6310 A&AS2 is currently being procured as the replacement agreement; more information can be found on the A&AS2 webpage.


  • a new agreement designed to provide audit and assurance services
  • wide range of suppliers from SMEs to large multinationals
  • all suppliers are Cyber Essentials accredited
  • terms and conditions specifically adapted for the audit market
  • competitive market rates
  • maximum rates fixed for the life of the agreement
  • comprehensive customer guidance and templates
  • choice of pricing models including: time and materials, fixed, or risk and reward
  • dedicated and knowledgeable contract management team to support you

Carbon Reduction

All suppliers for this agreement have committed to comply with the Procurement Policy Note 06/21: 'Taking account of Carbon Reduction Plans in the procurement of major government contracts' as required. If a supplier is required to publish a carbon reduction plan, you can find it on their individual supplier details page.

Products and suppliers

There are 35 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Internal audit and assurance


18 suppliers

Lot 2: External audit


13 suppliers

Lot 3: Counter fraud & investigation


18 suppliers

Lot 4: Other independent assurance


26 suppliers

How to buy

Before using this agreement, you will need to read the buyer guide.

Further competition is the standard route to market for buying from this agreement.  For further details, read the framework schedule 7: call off award procedure.

Further competition 

You can use your own eSourcing system or you can use our eSourcing tool to run your further competition. If this is your first time using our eSourcing suite, you will need to register an account.

To run a further competition you will need to:

  1. clearly define your needs using the T2 attachment 3 statement of requirements template
  2. identify which lot is most suitable for your needs, read lot descriptions
  3. develop your tender documents
  4. identify suppliers capable of meeting your needs, to do this you can use the service line matrix
  5. establish appropriate timescales for your procurement
  6. issue expression of interest (EOI) (optional)
  7. issue tender to all agreement suppliers identified using the service line matrix and EOI
  8. evaluate supplier responses
  9. award a contract to the successful supplier(s) and notify unsuccessful suppliers
  10. you may wish to include a 10 day standstill period before award (optional)