Fuel Cards and Associated Services VI


Allows all public sector organisations to buy vehicle fuel at service stations and will provide regional, nationwide and European coverage.


Provides you with a simple and efficient way to pay for the fuel and related services you use for official business. You will need to present the fuel card after each transaction to pay for the fuel and services used.

Every month you will receive a consolidated invoice. This invoice will show you all the transactions made using the fuel card for that month.

This detailed management information report can help you to:

  • control the amount of money you spend on fuel for your vehicle fleet
  • reduce the time you spend dealing with administration

You do not need to have a large fleet of vehicles to use this agreement.

Carbon emissions reports are also available to help with the development of your carbon reduction plan.

This agreement will last for 4 years and you will have the option to extend for a further year.


  • reduced fees and charges compared to market prices
  • savings on fuel reflected in a reduction (pence per litre) off pump price
  • no minimum fleet size needed
  • cards can be allocated to vehicles and/or drivers
  • suppliers can help you to map out any regular driving routes and to see where you can achieve the best prices or discounts
  • employees won’t need to make expense claims for fuel
  • helps fleet managers to control costs
  • use your fuel card to buy fuel in bulk and store in designated site(s)

Product types

Lot 1: Fuel Cards and Associated Services

This is a single lot agreement for a fuel card and associated services.

Customer engagement

We held customer engagement sessions between February and July 2021. These sessions were for central government, wider public sector and stakeholders and included:

  • many conference calls
  • break out sessions

We are currently working with colleagues in central government and stakeholders to decide opportunities and future strategies towards using fuel.

Supplier engagement

We have taken part in a number of supplier engagement activities between November 2020 and July 2021. These activities included:

  • web conferences
  • breakout sessions

We designed the sessions to reach a wide variety of suppliers, including new suppliers who had not applied to the agreement before.

Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN) Not available yet
Contract notice in OJEU Not available yet
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Activity Estimated date
Pre-market engagement November 2020 to July 2021
Drafting of procurement documents August 2021
Publication of OJEU notice November 2021
Framework award February 2022