Offsite Construction Solutions


25/01/23: RM6184 was awarded on 24 January 2023 and successful suppliers have been notified. The agreement will go live on 2 April 2023. Until then customers can continue to use our Modular Buildings Framework (RM6014) which expires on 1 April 2023.

25/08/22: We released the invitation to tender (ITT) on 25 August 2022 and procurement for this agreement is now live. You must submit your bids by 7 October 2022. For the full details of the ITT, read the contract notice.


Provides public sector organisations with the design, fabrication, physical delivery, construction or installation and maintenance of prefabricated buildings, as well as direct access to manufacturers for a complete range of offsite construction solutions.


Offsite Construction Solutions (OCS) will replace our modular building solutions agreement. It will have an increased scope and will continue to provide you with a simple, low-cost way to achieve your offsite solution needs.

The services provided by this agreement will offer you an alternative to a traditionally built environment. You will be able to buy or hire offsite solutions that are designed and manufactured to your particular specification.

Suppliers will manufacture solutions off site and will physically deliver them to your site for installation reducing disruption and lead time.

The agreement will be the ‘go to’ place in the event of a national or local need for both permanent and temporary buildings.


  • uses technology and modern methods of construction (MMC) to promote innovation and efficiency
  • supports sustainable industry, prompt payment, social value and carbon net zero initiatives
  • applies the principles of the construction playbook
  • offers a complete ‘turn key’ package solution, which means you can access everything you need for your offsite construction solution through this agreement
  • we approve successful suppliers using a thorough selection process
  • customers can choose from a variety of different contracts, these are:
    • New Engineering Contract (NEC)
    • Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT)
    • Project Partnering Contract (PC2000)
    • Term Alliance Contract (TAC-1)
  • provides value for money
  • standard prices: this means that the maximum prices for this agreement are fixed for the first two years of the framework agreement contract
    • you may be able to ensure further price reductions by running a further competition or through early contractor involvement and effective risk management in direct award
  • lot structure opens up opportunities to SMEs to bid for public sector contracts
  • supports the use of whole life cost approaches in public sector spending (takes into account the total cost of a product or service over its lifetime)

Product types

  • pre-manufactured 3D primary structural systems
  • pre-manufactured 2D primary structural systems

Market engagement

Market engagement for this agreement has ended. For further details, read the July 2022 supplier update.

We will be holding a bidders conference on Thursday 1 September at 11am.  If you would like to attend the conference, email the team by 12pm on 30 August 2022. In your email you will need to include:

  • the name of your organisation
  • contact details for the individual(s) who wish to attend

We will be unable to answer questions during the conference. You must submit all questions through the eSourcing tool.


RM6184 April supplier engagement slides

RM6184 June supplier engagement slides

RM6184 June supplier engagement Q&A

RM6184 April client engagement slides

RM6184 Final client engagement questions

RM6184 Offsite construction: client engagement

RM6184 Offsite construction: supplier first engagement

RM6184 Questions and answers from the presentations (Q&As)

RM6184 Final supplier engagement questions

RM6184 Engagement presentation slides

RM6184 Client engagement Q&A

RM6184 Supplier engagement Q&A

RM6184 July 2022 Supplier update

RM6184 Supplier Engagement Session July Q&A

RM6184 September bidders day presentation slides

Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN) Read PIN
Contract Notice in Find a Tender Service (FTS) Read contract notice
Tender documents Download documents


Activity Estimated dates
Pre-market engagement January to February 2022
Drafting of procurement documents May 2022
Publication of FTS notice August 2022
Framework award January 2023