Courier and Specialist Movements

Gives all public sector customers access to a wide range of courier and specialist movements from simple parcel deliveries to complex and large scale specialist services.


This is a UK wide agreement and will replace RM3798 Courier Services and RM3799 Specialist Courier Services.

Structured into 6 lots, this agreement will allow you to access a full range of collection and delivery options and enable you to move anything from:

  • parcels
  • documents
  • bulk pallet movements
  • high value secure items

The agreement also allows you to move more specialist items including:

  • samples
  • specimens
  • pharmaceutical products including controlled drugs and medication
  • firearms, weapons and ammunition

You can also access an asset recovery service to dispose of and auction items which are no longer needed, this includes vehicles, IT and office equipment.

This agreement will run for 4 years and will expire on 10 August 2025.


  • uses the new Public Sector Contract (the shorter and simpler standard template for agreement contracts providing common goods and services)
  • 52% of suppliers are SME’s
  • customers can expect to receive savings of between 2% and 18% on their courier services
  • flexibility has been built into the agreement to allow customers to have one Call-Off for their needs rather than multiple agreements
  • covers all regulations for the transportation of courier and specialist items
  • the agreement is for 4 years and customers can award a Call-Off, which can go a maximum of 4 years past the expiry date

Products and suppliers

There are 23 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Collection and Delivery
Overnight economy and same day delivery of documents, parcels, pallets and bulk movements to UK and international locations.


18 suppliers

Lot 2: Secure Services
Secure same day and overnight services of documents, parcels, pallets and bulk movements to the UK and international locations. Suppliers provide additional insurances and double manned vehicles for high value secure items.


9 suppliers

Lot 3: Secure Collection and Delivery of Examination and Test Papers and Materials
Secure overnight and same-day services to distribute exam papers and associated materials to test centres, awarding organisations and examiners to the UK and International locations.


6 suppliers

Lot 4: Managed Service for Specialist Movements
Secure overnight and same day services to UK and international locations for specialist items, which includes samples, specimens and biological substances such as:
  • pathogens
  • infectious and non-infectious substances
  • pharmaceuticals
  • controlled drugs
  • associated medical equipment and documents


13 suppliers

Lot 5: Managed Service for Explosive Substances (Class 1), Firearms and Weapons
A fully managed service for the secure collection, delivery and disposal of:
  • firearms (Sections 1,2 and 5)
  • explosives (UN Class 1)
  • CS spray
  • PAVA spray 
  • weapons


6 suppliers

Lot 6: Managed Service for Asset Recovery
A fully managed service for the transportation, resale or disposal of any item or asset including:
  • high value items
  • electrical equipment
  • office equipment and machinery
  • vehicles
This also includes anything confiscated or seized under a forfeiture order Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA).


6 suppliers

How to buy

Buyers have the ability to 

  • direct award
  • run a further competition

Before running a further competition or direct award, you will need to complete the following documents:

To access the pricing you will need to complete the customer access agreement. Once complete, return it to the team.

You can find the call-off schedules and joint schedules individually listed in the documents section below.

You can use our eSourcing tool to run your further competition or direct award.  If this is your first time using the eSourcing suite.You will need to register an account

If you have already registered, you can log into your eSourcing account.

You should check your own internal policies and processes to make sure they follow your standard operating procedures.

Further Competition

To award a call-off agreement through a further competition you should:

  1. define a clear specification of requirements
  2. to establish which lot fits your needs, read and analyse the agreement specification
  3. invite all suppliers to quote for your services (you can do this in writing using email or through an esourcing portal)
    • you can find contact details for all suppliers in the products and services section 
  4. allow suppliers the opportunity to ask questions about your need during a clarification period, this will enable them to provide a more accurate quote
  5. set a tender submission timescale (taking into account the complexity of the services you are asking for)
  6. evaluate the supplier responses in line with your pre defined award criteria
  7. keep all responses confidential until the end of the evaluation period
  8. award your call-off agreement notifying the successful and unsuccessful suppliers in writing by email or through an esourcing portal and signing framework schedule 6
  9. publish your contract on Contracts Finder  

Direct Award

To award a call-off agreement through direct award you should:

  1. clearly define your requirements
  2. to establish which lot fits your needs, read and analyse the framework specification
  3. contact the suppliers on the lot to determine if they can meet your needs (Supplier contact details can be found in the products and services section)
  4. establish your award criteria using framework schedule 7 call-off award procedure 
  5. award your contract by signing framework schedule 6
  6. publish your contract on contracts finder