Vehicle Telematics Hardware and Software Solutions

Products and services to improve the safety and efficiency of fleet operations within the public sector.  


Offers vehicle telematics products and services to help fleet managers improve the safety and efficiency of fleet operations by enabling you to capture and analyse vehicle data like fuel consumption, vehicle tracking and driver behaviour. This data can be used to identify safety improvements and cost reductions based on the whole life cost of vehicles, as well as supporting evidence-based decision making.

This flexible agreement has multiple suppliers with a range of specialities. It is designed to allow suppliers to adapt their offerings to meet your requirements, and for you to determine which telematics solution best meets your needs.

The agreement is open to all UK public sector organisations, including central government departments and their agencies, the wider public sector and the third sector, such as registered charities.

The agreement is divided into 2 lots. The Suppliers appointed to the agreement are responsible for providing:

  1. vehicle telematics hardware, software and associated products
  2. fleet data analysis and risk management solutions

The full specification is set out in Framework schedule 1 (specification), which can be found in the ‘RM6143 Contractual documents folder in the documents section below.


The effective use of vehicle telematics can enable you to

  • analyse vehicle usage to support evidence-based decision making
  • identify driver training needs and improve driver behaviour
  • reduce emissions through improved fuel efficiency, driver behaviour, and future vehicle selection 
  • reduce accidents, injuries and property damage through improved driver behaviour and driver training programmes
  • analyse the whole-life costs of a vehicle by assessing elements such as servicing, maintenance and repair costs
  • manage operational and private use of vehicles in relation to employee expenses and HMRC tax returns
  • deliver your employer’s duty of care and meet regulatory compliance, for example by monitoring the length of time drivers spend behind the wheel
  • improve your approach to risk management
  • explore the potential to reduce insurance premiums

Carbon Reduction

All suppliers for this agreement have committed to comply with the Procurement Policy Note 06/21: 'Taking account of Carbon Reduction Plans in the procurement of major government contracts' as required. If a supplier is required to publish a carbon reduction plan, you can find it on their individual supplier details page.

Products and suppliers

There are 18 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Supply of vehicle telematics hardware, software and associated products
Suppliers on this Lot will provide vehicle telematics hardware and software solutions for lease, hire or purchase. This includes products such as cameras and tracking solutions for equipment which is fixed or stored within a vehicle.


15 suppliers

Lot 2: Supply of fleet data analysis and risk management solutions
Suppliers on this Lot will provide a software platform designed to enable buyers to analyse data from multiple sources to support their fleet operation, optimise fleet whole life costs and undertake effective risk management activities.


9 suppliers

How to buy

Before using this agreement you should take part in appropriate research or engagement to help you develop your statement of requirements. You should also read the Framework schedule 1 (specification) document and consider which lot will best meet your needs.

You can buy from this agreement through further competition or direct award. A guide for each buying journey can be found in the documents section below.

For lots 1 and 2 the default option will be to run a further competition however, direct award is also possible if certain criteria is met.

We have outlined the contract award criteria you should consider when running a further competition: 

  • Quality: for instance, added value, innovation, social value, approach to the delivery of the products and services, implementation and use of supply chain partners. Other criteria may include cost-effectiveness, after sales service, running costs, delivery date and the period for completion.
  • Price: for services such as installation, integration and monthly fees. Other costs to consider are software upgrades, maintenance, training, data reporting and disposal of equipment

Buyers may decide the most appropriate quality/price weightings which reflect their key individual needs.

We do not hold pricing at framework level for RM6143 due to the bespoke nature of telematics and the customer’s individual fleet need. We recommend that you carry out a further competition to learn the best products, services and price based on their specification.

This agreement will run for 4 years and will expire on 23 April 2024.  The call off period is flexible and can run beyond the agreement’s expiry date, if needed. However, this should be considered in line with your organisation’s own commercial policy and should be relevant to the purchase.

For more help and information, contact the team.