Fuel Cards and Associated Services V

Card and associated services to purchase vehicle fuel at service stations, providing regional, nationwide and European coverage.


This agreement provides an easy method to pay for vehicle fuel using a single-purpose card. Services include a consolidated invoice showing full details of each transaction. This detailed management information can help you control fleet fuel spend and reduce the time you spend dealing with administration. You don’t need to have a large fleet to use this agreement. Carbon emission reports are also available.


  • Reduced fees and charges compared to market prices
  • Savings on fuel reflected in a reduction (pence per litre) off pump price
  • No minimum fleet size required
  • Cards can be allocated to vehicles and/or drivers
  • Suppliers will undertake map analysis for discounted sites
  • Employees won’t need to make expense claims for fuel
  • Can help fleet managers to control costs
  • Simple method of payment for vehicle fuel, purchased at retail outlets throughout the UK and Europe via a fuel card for purchase of fuel at forecourts or by bunkering at designated bunker sites.

Products and suppliers

There are 9 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Fuel Cards and Associated Services
This is a single lot agreement for a fuel card and associated services.


9 suppliers

How to buy

The agreement can be accessed by either direct award, following an internal assessment of supplier bid offers, or a further competition. Supplier details, including supplier bid offers can be obtained by emailing info@crowncommercial.gov.uk.

All buyers should enter into a new call-off contract with their chosen supplier. You will be responsible for managing your call-off contract and will establish your own account management arrangements with your chosen supplier.

Most of the content in the call-off contract is pre-completed material detailing the standardised service and charging model. The call-off contract comprises:

  • The order form
  • Call-off contract terms and conditions
  • Call-off contract schedules

The order form captures essential details relating to the specific contract. It provides a summary and is the document for putting the contract in place. The parties enter into the call-off contract by signing the order form. The terms and conditions are mainly standard government provisions that will be applicable to all call-off contracts. The service may carry charges at point of delivery depending on the service provider chosen, such as card fees and transaction charges.

Direct award

Where your requirements can be closely met by a particular supplier and you can demonstrate value for money, there is no need to conduct a further competition. You should award the contract directly to your chosen supplier.

Further competition

Run a further competition where you need further detail from suppliers not available within the information provided or you wish to further compete the commercial structure of this agreement.