Managed Learning Service

Managed learning available as an end-to-end service or individual components to cover the complete learning lifecycle.


This is a single-supplier agreement for a range of learning and development services, delivered as an end-to-end managed learning service, or as discrete components. It is available for central government and the wider public sector.

The agreement enables a full managed service of the entire learning and development function, a single element of learning (such as sourcing), or a bespoke solution tailored to complement in-house resources. It is based on a catalogue of commonly required public sector courses which will be expanded through the life of the framework.

In addition to providing learning products from its own organisation, the supplier provides access to other best-in-class suppliers and training resources through subcontracting relationships and an open market competitive process.

The agreement has rigorous performance-management aspects, including strategic supplier management, customer satisfaction surveys, and collection and analysis of monthly management information and audits.

This framework has 4 separate tiers as well as an ’Additional Services’ function as part of the services on offer. The services are:

  • Tier 1 – a catalogue of courses
  • Tier 2 – a sourcing service
  • Tier 3 – Administration and Support
  • Tier 4 – Contract Management Services
  • Additional Services – for Training needs analysis and all training consultancy support functions

Further details can be found in the customer guidance documents in the Documents section below.


  • new scope and flexible structure offers a choice of service options linked to a transparent, simple pay-for-use pricing structure
  • the range of subjects grows through the life of the framework
  • over 50% of funds are guaranteed to small suppliers
  • standard T&Cs minimises commercial risk

Products and suppliers

There are 1 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Managed Learning Service


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How to buy

The MLS framework is available to all central government departments, arm’s-length bodies and the wider public sector. This is a single supplier agreement with direct award.

The framework agreement provides the flexibility for call off contracts to be put in place by Civil Service Learning (CSL) as the contracting authority on your behalf, or for you to call off a contract directly.

You may award call-off contracts for any of the goods and services by form of an order, as per the procedures that are set out in framework schedule 5 (call-off procedure) at attachment 4.

All call-off contracts you award will be subject to the call-off contract terms and conditions contained within framework schedule 4, supplemented as appropriate by additional details if required and permissible.

If you want to access the framework or discuss how it could be used, please contact or (Knowledgepool).

To access the framework you need to sign a call-off with the supplier.