Occupational Health, Employee Assistance Programmes and Eye Care

Occupational health, employee assistance and eye care services, provided by telephone and online support portal.


This agreement provides a range of occupational health services, employee assistance programmes and eye care services by way of telephone support or online portal. It is available for use by central government and the wider public sector.

Lot 1 provides a full-service occupational health service combined with an employee assistance programme.

Occupational health and employee assistance are separated in lots 2 and 3, respectively.


  • Includes small and medium-sized suppliers
  • Service delivery models reflect best practice
  • Flexibility to adapt to diverse needs
  • Bundled service and clear price structure
  • Choice of service and price models.

Products and suppliers

There are 10 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Full Service for Occupational Health Services and Employee Assistance Programmes
Lot 1 - Occupational health services available via telephone and online portal: Attendance management Ill-health retirement Pre-employment and pre-enrolment checks Health education and consultancy Fitness for task and safety critical work services Treatme


3 suppliers

Lot 2: Occupational Health Services
Covers occupational health services as described in Lot 1.


5 suppliers

Lot 3: Employee Assistance Programmes
Covers employee assistance programmes as described in Lot 1.


4 suppliers

Lot 4: Eye Care Services
Covers display screen equipment eye care services, safety eye care services and mobile services


2 suppliers

How to buy

Read the customer guidance document before using the framework.

Direct award

You can place an order using direct order procedure (read the customer guidance and framework schedules 5 and 6), if the following apply:

  • The terms do not need amending and
  • your requirement can be met only by one supplier or
  • the supplier provides the most economically advantageous solution for your requirement.

Further competition

During the further competition process, suppliers are invited to develop proposals to suit your specific requirements. Read the customer guidance and framework schedules 5 and 6 for further information.

You can choose one of these options:

  • Undertake your own competition using the CCS eSourcing portal
  • Undertake your own competition using your own sourcing system
  • CCS can be requested to undertake the further competition on behalf of central government departments for whom CCS provides an assisted service.