WPS Legal Services

Legal services for the wider public sector.


This panel has been established to provide a simple and compliant route to market for a range of legal services requirements primarily to the wider public sector. This forms part of the wider strategy for legal services provision which includes three other panel agreements; General Legal Advice Services (RM3786), Rail Legal Services (RM3756) and Finance & Complex Legal Services (RM3787).

This panel agreement comprises of four lots offering both general and more specific legal services.


  • A comprehensive list of legal services including specialist lots covering Property, Construction and Transport Rail
  • Full legal jurisdictional coverage over England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • SME friendly with access to regional suppliers
  • Flexible call off terms available using both direct award, and further competition
  • Highly competitive hourly and daily rates with options for fixed fees and/or alternative fee arrangements for direct awards and further competitions
  • Streamlined and simplified supplier selection through to contract award using a bespoke digitally enabled award support tool (to be implemented at a later date. An interim solution is currently in place)
  • Value added benefits are available including two hours free legal advice
  • Simplified tender documents templates and standard panel terms and conditions agreed by all panel suppliers.

Products and suppliers

There are 71 suppliers on this framework

Lot 1: Regional Service Provision
Lot 1 Regional Service Provision


42 suppliers

Lot 2a: Full Service Firms - England & Wales
Lot 2a Full Service Firm - England and Wales


18 suppliers

Lot 2b: Full Service Firms - Scotland
Lot 2b Full Service Firm - Scotland


14 suppliers

Lot 2c: Full Service Firms - Northern Ireland
Lot 2c Full Service Firm - Northern Ireland


12 suppliers

Lot 3: Property & Construction
Lot 3 Property and Construction


8 suppliers

Lot 4: Transport Rail
Lot 4 Transport Rail


7 suppliers

How to buy

To help you access the panel agreement we have put together a library documents and templates in the documents tab. It is recommended that you read the customer guidance document before using the panel.

Award Support Tool – The panel has a bespoke award support tool to help customers select a shortlist of suppliers who are able to provide the panel services within a given geographical location. This supplier selection tool aids access and shortlisting of lot 1 suppliers.

Further competition and direct awards are permissible route to markets for this panel. You should check your own internal policies and controls processes to ensure adherence to your standard operating procedures.