Project Management and Full Design Team Services

Project management, design and advisory services to support delivery of property and construction projects including environmental services


03/11/2021: We’ve extended this agreement until 2 March 2022.


This framework provides broad, strategic advice on property projects across a range of disciplines and functions. The scope includes environmental services in lots 1, 3, 5 and 6. It is supported by other frameworks such as Estates professional services, Facilities management services, Building materials, Modular buildings, Furniture and energy services.
Services have been categorised into 6 lots which offers a comprehensive supplier selection with optimal supplier numbers at lot level.

The agreement will run for 2 years with an option to extend for a further 1+1 years.



No charge to contracting authorities to use the framework agreements

  • Provides a streamlined route for all customers to access a range of external suppliers through a Further Competition process or Direct Award
  • Customers can either use a form of agreement based upon NEC3 Professional Service Agreement or a CCS standard form. CCS can support and advise on the benefits of each approach
  • Designed to cater for a wide range of customers. The lot structures and the ability to tailor further competitions will ensure this supports customers own delivery considerations such as SME’s and social value
  • Maximum standard rates are fixed for the first two years of the framework and may be reduced further by suppliers
  • Saving is embedded in the pricing models through competitive rates and continuous improvement measures. Savings results will be shared with customers regularly
  • Management information enables customers to track and analyse spend.

Products and suppliers

There are 30 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Multi-Disciplinary Services


15 suppliers

Lot 2: Project Management Services


11 suppliers

Lot 3: Architectural Services


9 suppliers

Lot 4: Cost Management Services


11 suppliers

Lot 5: Civil and Structural Engineering Services and Environmental Services


10 suppliers

Lot 6: Building Services Engineering and Environmental Services


10 suppliers

How to buy

You can buy from this framework by further competition or direct award. Further competition will take around 4 weeks, depending on the size and scale of the requirement.

You can access the agreement by contacting us at

Before any call off you will need to complete a Customer User Agreement (CUA) so we can give you a user number. The CUA must be quoted at all times and used on all market engagement documents

This will allow CCS to:

· Track delivery specific projects between the Contracting Authority and the Supplier
· Collate project specific Management Information to support identification of spend and savings at a more granular project level
· Have better transparency of data
· Support system and data reviews during Supplier Audits


· Customers must complete a Customer User Agreement before using the framework
· Direct Award and Further Competitions are permitted, our guidance outlines the approach for each method
· Ability to ‘Flex’ award weighting at further competition (75% Quality/25% Price +/- 25%)
· An extensive customer guidance document is available in the attachments to support customers
· Choice of Call Off contracts (NEC 3 PSP/CCS Model form)
· Pricing is aligned to RIBA work stages which can be bespoke to support individual customer requirements
· KPI’s are available with incentivisation/gain share options

Guidance on selecting the appropriate lot is available in the documents tab along with call-off terms and conditions.

You can use our Call Off Template to run further competitions on the PMFDTS framework.

You can use either a form of agreement based on NEC3 Professional Service Agreement (see attached zip file: NEC supporting documents), or a CCS standard form. We can support and advise you on the benefits of each approach.

This template is specifically tailored to the requirements of this framework and will help you run a compliant and efficient further competition process, but customers can use their own documents if they want to.

We have worked with key government departments to tailor the template to their own specific requirements and can offer this to other clients if required.

To get the framework rates for RM3741, email You will need to include ‘RM3741 PMFDTS request rates for lot x‘ in the subject line of the email, and replace ‘x’ with the lot number you would like the rates for.