Important Expired agreement - This information is for reference only

Crown Office Supplies

Provision of office stationery and supplies.


6/08/2019 – Update – The PIN for Office Supplies RM6059 (the replacement framework) is now available.

10/04/2019 – Update – This framework has been extended for another 12 months until 30/03/2020.

16/09/2019 – Update – Notification of price increase. Banner Group Ltd. approached CCS with a request to increase the framework prices within the Lot 1 catalogue. Having undertaken extensive analysis of the proposal and assessment against market factors, CCS approved prices increases allowed under the terms of the Framework Agreement on a number of products which came into effect from 10th September 2019.

The revised Lot 1 product catalogue is now available via the CCS e-Sourcing suite. This includes a number of additional core items.

Customers with existing call off arrangements with Banner Group Ltd. are advised to consult their individual arrangements and discuss any potential change directly with the supplier.

For customers considering using Lot 1, the new pricing information is available on the CCS e-Sourcing suite.

Alternatively, you can contact to register for access to pricing.