Merchant Acquiring, Merchant Acquiring Equipment & Payment Gateway Services

Services and equipment that will enable your organisation to accept payments by debit card, credit card and other methods directly into a bank account.


This agreement covers:

  • Merchant services, which reconcile payments made from a customer’s card account to your account
  • Equipment such as terminals and internet solutions for the payment process
  • Payment gateway with which you can accept online or phone payment by debit and credit cards, e-wallets and alternative payment solutions.


  • Receive payment quickly and securely
  • Reduce the cost of receiving card payments thanks to competitive rates, no management charges, reduced terminal hire fees, pence per transaction payment gateway fees and volume discounts
  • Uninterrupted service 24/7 x 365
  • Take advantage of payment innovations
  • Email for a pricing guide.

Products and suppliers

There are 4 suppliers on this framework

Lot 1: Merchant Acquiring Services and Merchant Acquiring Equipment


2 suppliers

Lot 2: Merchant Acquiring Services and Payment Gateway Services


1 suppliers

Lot 3: Merchant Acquiring Services, Merchant Acquiring Equipment and Payment Gateway Se


3 suppliers

How to buy

Read Annex G (see documents tab) which explains the process. All suppliers in lot 3 are capable of providing the services in lots 1 and 2. To comply with procurement regulations you must invite suppliers from lot 3 who offer the same service when running further competitions in lots 1 and 2.

A call off contract cannot last more than two years beyond the expiry of the agreement.