Digital Outcomes & Specialists 4

For the digital transformation of public sector services.  


30/03/2020 – Update – Due to the current coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, we are calling on Regulation 72 (1) (c) to extend this agreement for up to 6 months from the original end date of 30 September 2020. This will relieve pressure on the supply chain while short staffed, to help businesses to continue to deliver services and goods to customers. We intend to deliver replacement agreements as quickly as possible after the initial COVID-19 impact.

09/10/2020 – We have extended this agreement for up to 3 months. The new end date will now be 30 June 2021. This will let buyers finish awarding the call-off contracts for their ongoing DOS 4 procurements, that will be published before the DOS 5 live date in January 2021.


This agreement helps the public sector buy, design, build and deliver digital outcomes by finding appropriate specialists to deliver agile software development.

The framework is based on the approach detailed in the Service Manual and complies with the Service Standard.



  • easy access to suppliers with the right capabilities (compliant with the Digital by Default Standard)
  • suppliers include small and medium size businesses
  • guaranteed supplier capacity to deliver digital projects at multiple UK locations
  • flexible and speedy route to meet customers’ digital project needs

Products and suppliers

Digital Marketplace has the constantly updated list of the suppliers on this agreement.

Lot 1: Digital Outcomes


Lot 2: Digital Specialists


Lot 3: User Research Studios


Lot 4: User Research Participants


How to buy

Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4 (DOS 4) is available through the Digital Marketplace.

You will need to run a further competition for each requirement by using the online buying tool on the Digital Marketplace.

Guidance and a list of suppliers are available on the Digital Marketplace.