Public Sector Resourcing

Source contractors and temporary workers for all public sector organisations. Service provided through Alexander Mann Solutions, who are supported by over 300 specialist recruitment agencies classified by their role category capability.


Public Sector Resourcing (PSR) is a single supplier agreement which public sector authorities can use to hire all contractors and temporary workers, except clinical workers.

The strategic partner, Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS), will provide a fully managed end to end service. This will enable hiring managers to access high quality workers to meet volume and specialist needs. AMS are supported by a supply chain of over 300 specialist recruitment agencies classified by their role category capability, including admin and clerical roles.

You can access roles in specialisms including (but not limited to):

  • digital, data and technology (DDaT)
  • commercial
  • finance
  • project and programme delivery

This agreement will also provide you with the following resources:

Statements of Work (SoW)

Allows users to award output based service contracts through the SoW solution. This includes engaging with resource to achieve a set of specific and pre-defined outcomes. Payment is made when defined work milestones are achieved.

This is a managed service provided by the AMS SoW team through FieldGlass (a vendor management system) and is supported by over 100 suppliers. 

Recruit-train-deploy (RTD)

This is a way to address skill gaps while adding social value. RTD is where the supplier will train and coach an individual so that they have the needed skill-set before placing them into your organisation to work and learn. This will enable the individual to be a well placed candidate for permanent positions.

Contact your AMS account manager for the latest version of the:

  • call off terms and conditions
  • order form

If your organisation does not currently use PSR, contact the team for more information.


  • support from the AMS team who can provide workforce support, onboarding and vetting, extensions and guide you through the recruitment process including the management of volume campaigns
  • fixed fees to ensure simplified pricing and guaranteed commercial benefits
  • a managed service using SAP’s Fieldglass Vendor Management System (VMS): provides a single place to raise requirements, review CVs and manage worker timesheets
  • detailed management information and real-time information for benchmarking against market rates
  • rate cards are reviewed on a quarterly basis at a minimum to ensure they actively reflect current market conditions
  • we built IR35 Off-Payroll legislation into the agreement to ensure worker status is captured and recorded, reducing risk of non-compliance for the contracting authorities
  • CCS have also varied the terms to strengthen the clarity around responsibility for tax affairs and ensuring the correct deductions are made
  • complies with Cabinet Office Contingent Labour Controls
  • includes automated reporting which is shared directly with Cabinet Office, for all workers on a day rate under £1000 per day and with a tenure of less than 18 months
  • removes the administrative burden for contracting authorities of having to report against the lower thresholds of £750 per day and 12 month tenures
  • key policy initiatives addressed such as: agency worker regulations, transparency agenda, general data protection regulations and automatic pensions enrolment
  • open agency supply chain with all suppliers aligned to specialisms and performance managed on a quarterly basis to ensure the high performers are given priority to public sector roles
  • SME indirect spend (through the supply chain) reported and shared every 6 months with contracting authorities
  • hire professional workers directly through PSR through proactive sourcing and access to candidates registered on the PSR Marketplace
  • Social Value is a fundamental source of continuous improvement including; Carbon Reduction Plans, Diversity & Inclusion, Social Mobility Round table events, Modern Slavery Assessments and many more in the pipeline
  • Access to Intellirate – a bespoke online application which was first developed by PSR in March 2019 which provides users with real-time market trends and data across all Contracting Authorities. Now with the addition of private sector data allowing benchmarking against the private sector.

Products and suppliers

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How to buy

Customer on-boarding

You may initially contact CCS or Alexander Mann Solutions ( to access Public Sector Resourcing. You can manage your on-boarding activity with Alexander Mann Solutions. CCS can provide support if required.

The following steps will ensure a smooth process:

  • Discuss your requirement with CCS and Alexander Mann Solutions
  • Agree realistic individual timescales for on-boarding
  • Agree and complete system integration of web portals where applicable.

Call-off contract

The call-off contract puts in place an enabling agreement with Alexander Mann Solutions under which you will be able to place all orders for staffing. Most of the agreement comprises pre-completed details of the standardised service and charging model. You will need to compete your specific operational needs.

  • The call-off contract comprises:
  • Order form
  • Terms & conditions

Contract schedules

Review the standard contract content to ensure a full understanding of the service and the charging model, before entering a call-off contract. Consider your specific commercial requirements, and your implementation and operational needs. You can then contact Alexander Mann Solutions to discuss your specific requirements and begin the process of completing the call-off contract. CCS will be happy to provide advice where necessary.

Order form

The order form captures essential details relating to your specific contract, providing a summary of the contract being put in place:

  • Customer and service provider contact points
  • Key personnel to be involved
  • Implementation plan
  • If Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment (TUPE) regulations apply
  • Specific customer responsibilities
  • Specific operational requirements

Sourcing workers

You should manage your temporary worker sourcing by:

  • Sending your requirements to PSR via the Fieldglass VMS, or contacting Alexander Mann Solutions directly
  • The recruiter will validate your requirement with you and advise on the optimum route to talent
  • Carrying out interviews
  • Communicating your selection decision to the PSR team and provide feedback on your selection/de-selection decisions
  • Alexander Mann Solutions will then vet and on-board the worker before they start.


The basic charging model for the service will be as specified in the call-off contract. Expenses for temporary workers will be governed by your individual policies.

Customer account management

You will be assigned a relationship manager by Alexander Mann Solutions. They will be responsible for developing a detailed understanding of your business and requirements, building relationships with key stakeholders, and providing advice and assistance to facilitate best use of the framework.