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  • Trading as Flexiform.
    • Furniture & Associated Services (RM6119)
    • Supply, Delivery and Installation of Furniture and Associated Services (RM3812) Expired
  • Trading as Firbanks Resourcing Ltd.
    • Non Clinical Staffing (RM6277)
  • Trading as M-AR Off-site.
    • Modular Building Solutions (RM6014) Expired
    • Offsite Construction Solutions (RM6184)
  • Trading as Continental.
    • Supply of tyres, glass and fast fit solutions (RM6142)
    • Insourced Services to Support the Provision of Healthcare (including Clinical Insourcing) (RM6276)
    • Purchase of Standard and Specialist Vehicles (RM6244)
    • Apprenticeships Training and Related Services (RM3823) Expired
    • Multifunctional Devices (MFDs), Print and Digital Workflow Software Services and Managed Print Service Provision (RM6174)
    • Supply Teachers and Temporary Staffing (STaTS) (RM6238)
    • Network Services 2 (RM3808)
    • Technology Services 3 (RM6100)
    • Building Materials and Equipment (RM6157)
    • eDisclosure and Review Services (RM6203) Expired
    • eDisclosure and Review Services 2 (RM6336)
    • Management Consultancy Framework Three (MCF3) (RM6187)
  • Trading as Advanta Healthcare. Matter Stream Limited t/a Advanta Healthcare.
    • International Recruitment of Clinical Healthcare Professionals (RM6162)
    • Permanent Recruitment 2 (RM6229)
    • Technology Services 3 (RM6100)
    • Courier and Specialist Movements (RM6171)
    • Courier Services (RM3798) Expired
    • Storage, Distribution, Kitting and Associated Services (RM6282)
  • Trading as Workforce People Solutions Ltd.
    • Permanent Recruitment 2 (RM6229)
    • G-Cloud 13 Lot 4 (RM1557.13L4)
  • Trading as EY UK LLP. EY.
    • Audit & Assurance Services (A&AS) (RM6188)
    • Corporate Finance Services 2 (RM6169)
    • Digital Specialists and Programmes (RM6263)
    • eDisclosure and Review Services (RM6203) Expired
    • eDisclosure and Review Services 2 (RM6336)
    • Learning and Development (RM6145)
    • Management Consultancy Framework (MCF) (RM3745) Expired
    • Management Consultancy Framework Three (MCF3) (RM6187)
    • Management Consultancy Framework Two (MCF2) (RM6008) Expired
    • Restructuring & Insolvency Services (RM6269)
    • Software Design and Implementation Services (RM6193)
    • Technology Services 3 (RM6100)
  • Trading as Intercity Technology.
    • Mobile Voice and Data Services (RM6261)
    • Technology Services 3 (RM6100)