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    • Back Office Software (RM6194)
    • Software Design and Implementation Services (RM6193)
    • Non Clinical Temporary and Fixed Term Staff (RM6160)
  • Trading as Farrans Construction, trading as a division of Northstone (NI) Limited.
    • Construction Works and Associated Services 2 (CWAS2) / ProCure 23 (P23) (RM6267)
    • Courier and Specialist Movements (RM6171)
    • Courier Services (RM3798) Expired
    • Postal Goods, Services and Solutions (RM6017)
    • Water, Wastewater and Ancillary Services 2 (RM6178)
    • Non Clinical Staffing (RM6277)
    • Provision of Clinical and Healthcare Staffing (RM6161)
  • Trading as RW Pierce (Mailsync).
    • Postal Goods, Services and Solutions (RM6017)
  • Trading as Kawasaki Motors UK.
    • Purchase of Standard and Specialist Vehicles (RM6244)
    • Vehicle Purchase (RM6060) Expired
  • Trading as Teachers UK.
    • Supply Teachers and Temporary Staffing (STaTS) (RM6238)
    • Provision of Clinical and Healthcare Staffing (RM6161)
  • Trading as Verity Locums.
    • Permanent Recruitment 2 (RM6229)
    • Facilities Management and Workplace Services (RM6232)
    • Digital Specialists and Programmes (RM6263)
  • Trading as Banner. Banner Group Limited.
    • Crown Office Supplies (RM3723) Expired
    • Office Supplies (RM6059)
    • Office Supplies for the Wider Public Sector (RM3703) Expired
    • Technology Online Purchasing Content (RM6147)
  • Trading as Days Rental. Days Fleet. Days Fleet L1, Days Rental L4.
    • Vehicle Lease, Fleet Management & Flexible Rental Solutions (RM6096) Expired
    • Vehicle Lease, Fleet Management and Salary Sacrifice Car Schemes (RM6268)
    • Data and Application Solutions (RM3821) Expired
    • Vertical Application Solutions (RM6259)
  • Trading as Gutcare and Surgical Care Limited.
    • Insourced Services to Support the Provision of Healthcare (including Clinical Insourcing) (RM6276)
    • Provision of Clinical and Healthcare Staffing (RM6161)
    • Corporate Software Solutions (RM1042) Expired