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At CCS, we know that schools, academies, colleges and universities have a broad range of technology needs. We can help you make smart buying decisions to meet those needs through our 2 technology deals that are ideal for the education sector, offering a comprehensive, end-to-end solution.

If you have any requirements from hardware to audio visual, managed services to broadband infrastructure, our Education Technology framework can help you find the right solution.

Or, if you require more software-led systems, anything from school administration systems to distance learning, then our Data and Application Solutions (DAS) framework is the place to go.

Whatever your technology requirements, big or small, we’re here to help you get it right – compliantly and cost-effectively.

Watch our short video to find out what you can buy through the framework. You can also read the script of the video.

Education Technology

Our Education Technology framework means you can buy ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) goods and/or services, all through one agreement. The framework is segmented into 5 lots.

Lot 1: ICT Solutions
For fully or partially managed ICT services. This option is ideal if you are looking for an ICT refresh or a complete new build solution.

Lot 2: Broadband Fibre Infrastructure
Design and installation of new broadband fibre infrastructure, including provision of fibre to the premises, testing of fibre and ‘last mile’ installation.

Lot 3: Broadband Services
Connectivity of full fibre broadband services, speed upgrades support and maintenance, internet filtering, firewall, eSafety and IP connectivity.

Lot 4: Hardware
Hardware such as laptops, desktops, tablets, servers, networking cables and routers. Plus peripherals like printers, mice and charging trolleys.

Lot 5: Audio Visual
Provision and installation of sound and/or visual equipment, including interactive solutions, digital signage, televisions, AV software and training.

What are the benefits of our Education Technology framework?


  • our framework is a compliant route to market supported by the Department for Education


  • simple ‘click and buy’ process through our online catalogue for lots 4 and 5. For fast and efficient purchases of small volumes of hardware and audio visual equipment.
  • easy to use templates and guidance


  • exceptional value for money with competitive product and service pricing


  • access suppliers with the specialist knowledge, skills and capability to help you ensure a modern digital learning environment

To find out more about using Education Technology, you can get in touch

Data and Applications Solutions (DAS)

With DAS, you can buy, implement, test and deliver a wide range of software solutions – as well as hardware and professional services – all in one procurement. In fact, it’s the first CCS framework to allow purchase of cloud and on-premise software under one agreement. Our range of software-led office systems make finding the right fit quick, easy and cost effective.

The framework is split into 5 groups, with groups 1, 2 and 5 being particularly useful to the education sector. Group 5 has been specifically designed with education in mind.

Group 1 – Enterprise Data & Application Solutions
This is for all of your administration requirements, like HR, payroll and finance.

Group 2 – Local Government Specific Solutions.
Educational organisations can use this group for facilities or premises management solutions.

Group 5 – Education Specific Solutions

  • Lot 5a – Learning Applications and Platforms. This is virtual learning/distance-based learning/computer based learning.
  • Lot 5b – Academic Scheduling and Management Solutions. Helps to run the entire educational organisation’s software system, for example, attendance monitoring, student records systems or premises management solutions.

What are the benefits of DAS?


  • EU compliant and regulated
  • a single and cost-effective route to market


  • this framework allows you to buy cloud, on-premise or a combination of both
  • a wide range of services from design to maintenance


  • all software licences, associated professional services and hardware can be delivered under one competition, providing an end-to-end solution
  • online catalogue functionality across all lots through our government eMarketplace
  • if you already have software, extend it through our catalogue direct award option. This is quicker and easier than going to market and maximises ROI

To find out more about using DAS, you can get in touch.

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