By your side through your digital transformation

The Digital Future team manages agreements designed to support you through your digital journey to a modern digital architecture.

Our agreements provide a source of expert suppliers who can accelerate and assist you in the development of a transformation strategy from your current infrastructure to a modern, cost effective architecture which supports your organisational objectives, security requirements, applications and citizen services.

Watch our video about DOS v G-Cloud: How to know the difference. You can also read the script of the video.

Our technology solutions

You can buy a range of common products and services using CCS commercial agreements below.

Our agreements help deliver

  • private and public cloud transformations
  • colocation and data centre hosting services
  • DDaT resources and programmes
  • DDaT outcome based engagements
  • quality assurance and testing
  • AI and automation

Additionally, we manage a set of MoU’s which further enable commercial benefits available from suppliers on our agreements. These MoU’s assist in getting the very best value for the whole public sector.

  • G-Cloud 13

    Choose and purchase cloud computing services covering hosting, software and support. G-Cloud 13 has replaced G-Cloud 12. It will continue to provide a large variety of cloud based services from a range of suppliers.

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  • Cloud Compute / Cloud Compute 2

    Are you spinning up new Infrastructure-as-a-Service workloads or Platform-as-a-Service applications in the public cloud and require rapidly scalable proprietary services that you can consume over the internet? This agreement will help you do that and also provides a commercial route to market for accessing MoU benefits. 

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  • Crown Hosting 1 and 2

    Where IT services are not appropriate for public cloud, Crown Hosting provides the location for public sector community clouds, private cloud and private ICT. The data centres provide low cost and near zero carbon emissions, operate at all security classifications, levels of criticality and threat, and physical proximity to the key IT infrastructure and staff.

    Crown Hosting and Crown Hosting 2

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) DPS

    A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) that offers discovery and consultancy services related to AI, implementation and support of AI systems, end-to-end partnerships and AI technologies in healthcare.

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  • Automation Marketplace DPS

    A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) that offers automation services and licences to help transform how you deliver your public services.

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  • Digital Outcomes & Specialists (DOS) 5

    Ideal for procuring the most appropriate specialist supplier to design, build and deliver bespoke digital services.

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  • Quality Assurance and Testing for IT Systems 2

    If you are designing and/or building a digital requirement or cloud service integration you may need independent, specialist QAT services before, during and after you go live.

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  • Digital Capability for Health

    Designed collaboration with NHS Digital, this agreement supports public health and other care organisations in providing digital outcomes and services.

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Simplifying your journey to cloud

Our suite of cloud solutions can support your journey to the cloud. Whether you need help reviewing your existing cloud and hosting services or want to implement solutions to help the transition from legacy ICT systems into cloud, our agreements and category experts are here to help.

Our cloud and hosting agreements provide a transformation journey from on-premise to fully managed cloud. 

Taking small steps can lead to huge benefits and opportunities to simplify your IT architecture, enable more secure and resilient solutions, make the transition to cloud easier and reduce risk to your operation by increasing Digital skills, security, business resilience, scalability and improving flexibility.

Why choose CCS for your journey to the cloud?

CCS digital futures team can help you deliver significant benefits through our cloud and hosting agreements including:

  • reduced costs for support and management
  • access to a range of add-on services through suppliers marketplaces
  • access to flexible hosting with favourable commercial terms 
  • increased security
  • business continuity resilience 
  • support on your carbon reduction journey 
  • opportunities to achieve social value benefits
G-Cloud is an excellent, transparent and user friendly procurement route for local authorities providing highly responsive access to a dynamic market.
Chris Forrester
Financial Services Manager, Redditch Borough Council
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At CCS, we’re experts in procurement. Our teams use their deep category knowledge to create a wealth of resources for the public and third sector. Explore the resources below to find out how CCS can help you find the right procurement solutions for your organisation.

Whitepapers (2 )

  1. Cloud security in the public sector whitepaper

    Cloud security in the public sector

    How to ensure your organisation's cloud services are secure.

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  2. Buying digital services in the public sector whitepaper

    Buying digital services in the public sector

    Find out how to get the right solution for your cloud or digital requirements.

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Webinars (1 )

  1. Introduction to Crown Hosting

    Hear from Jason Liggins, Advisory Consultant at CCS, as he delivers a customer webinar about Crown Hosting, Information Technology, it's impact upon the environment, along with some really simple things that you can do to improve the sustainability of your IT estate.

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Digital Brochures (1 )

  1. CCS digital brochure 2022

    Commercial agreements: digital brochure

    Download our updated digital brochure for the latest information on our agreements and how we can help you add power to your procurement.

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