If your organisation has a research requirement

CCS is here to help – our Research Marketplace is a convenient tool that allows you to gain quick access to suppliers that meet your specific research needs.

You can purchase a full range of social, economic and market research through our Dynamic Purchasing System. Unique to the market, our DPS has a fantastic range of global suppliers, with over 240 specialist agencies. And, because it’s been designed around your needs, it’s easy to access, simple to use and extremely flexible.

Since launching in February 2018, we’ve already helped public sector organisations procure research services worth over £10 million.

What are the benefits of our Research Marketplace?

  • Supplier diversity

    • The DPS brings an array of experts, in fact 70% of the suppliers are SMEs, accounting for 69% of spend so far. Also, our agencies represent a wide range of skills, encompassing all areas of research, general to niche, giving you option to find the right solution.
  • Light touch and flexible

    • New suppliers can join the DPS at any time with registration that is light touch, attracting a wide range of research specialists. The platform was designed with flexibility built-in, with a compliant route to sourcing suppliers – perfect fit for any research requirement.
  • Regional segmentation

    • The DPS location filters are highly effective for identifying regional research experts, perfect for our local government and regional customers. Giving you quick access to established research agencies in the right locations.
  • Ease of use

    • Our DPS has 351 filters, meaning greater flexibility and usability, especially for niche research requirements. You can find the right information quickly and easily.
  • Supports social value

    • We’re committed to social value and supporting local business, which is why the DPS allows you to access a full range of local suppliers.

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