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Fleet management is the business of making sure your organisation’s fleet is running efficiently, cost effectively and safely. It covers a wide range of vehicle and driver services, from insurance and fuel cards to telematics and training – all of which need to be considered through the lens of sustainability. 

You can choose to undertake your fleet management in-house or by outsourcing it in part or in full to a specialist fleet management company. We can facilitate all options through our flexible, OJEU compliant frameworks. 

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The frameworks for you

Whether your fleet is owned, leased or hired, our frameworks are designed to keep your vehicles running, your drivers safe and your budget under control. 

  • Telematics

    This framework allows you to capture and analyse vehicle data like fuel consumption, vehicle tracking and driver behaviour. Use it to power evidence-based decision making on reducing whole-life costs and improving safety and efficiency.

    Go to framework RM6143

  • Insurance

    The right level of insurance cover is crucial for protecting both your vehicles and your people. Use our Dynamic Purchasing System to buy from a range of fully vetted leading and niche insurance services, whether you choose to deal directly with the insurer or via a broker.

    Go to framework RM6138

  • Salary Sacrifice

    If you provide company cars for your employees, a salary sacrifice scheme can help you cut costs, support your green agenda and increase employee satisfaction. This framework includes an end-to-end salary sacrifice scheme that includes employee engagement, scheme implementation, marketing and ongoing management.

    Go to framework RM6096 (lot 3)

  • Independent Fleet Management Services

    This lot covers a wide range of vehicle and driver solutions that you can outsource to a third party. It includes everything from vehicle selection and acquisition, to admin services, telematics, fuel cards, health and safety support, staff benefit schemes and more.

    Go to framework RM6096 (lot 3)

  • Fuel Cards

    This agreement provides an easy method for buying discounted vehicle fuel at service stations across the UK and Europe. As well as supplying the cards, it can also provide detailed invoices and carbon emission reports to reduce admin and help control spend.

    Go to framework RM6000

  • Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions (VCIS)

    Use this Dynamic Purchasing System to help develop the charging infrastructure (e.g. charge points) for electric and hybrid vehicles. The services on offer include consultancy, design and installation, hardware and software solutions, servicing and maintenance, and end-to-end service.

    Go to framework RM6213

Electric vehicles: a green shoot of recovery in the fleet industry

“For every £1 invested in Telematics systems, a £3 return is seen across the fleet’s whole life costs.”

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