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In the current climate, every pound, every hour, must be spent as efficiently as possible.

Procurement cards are a crucial part of doing this – they can save organisations time and money, offer increased financial control and security while strengthening your supply chain.

Many organisations only use procurement cards for purchasing certain goods. Yet whatever you’re buying – stationery or energy, laptops or training – if you buy with a procurement card, you enjoy the benefits.

To help you get the most from your cards, our category experts have put together an interactive guide to help you unlock their power.

The 6 key benefits of purchasing with procurement cards

Procurement cards come with a wide range of benefits, especially for our customers who use them regularly throughout all areas of their business.

Here are the 6 key benefits you can look forward to when using procurement cards through CCS.

  • Unlimited scope

    Whatever you need to purchase can be purchased with a procurement card.

    • payments can be made using contactless, web and phone – quicker and more efficient than traditional payment methods
    • cards can be lodged with your top spending suppliers, so purchases can be made without a physical card
    • already introduced procurement cards to your finance system? Then it’s easy to extend their usage, for more purchases, across other suppliers
  • Save time and money

    Procurement cards streamline the buying process, making them the most efficient way for your organisation to pay for goods and services.

    • your finance team don’t need to raise POs or process invoices
    • reconciliation and reporting are automated, reducing cost and error while freeing up resources
    • using a procurement card typically saves around 35% in transaction costs or £5 per transaction compared with traditional methods
  • COVID-19 cashflow support

    Cards speed up payments to suppliers and improve cash flow, making them a critical tool for organisations during COVID-19.

    • faster payment isn’t at your expense – the cards work on a buy now, pay later basis
    • as suppliers get paid within 4 days by the card provider, your supply chain and business resilience is strengthened
    • payments are made ‘on credit’ by the card provider, so you’ll continue to accrue interest on the funds in your account up until you settle your account
  • Better rates

    Swift payment can often generate impressive discounts from suppliers. Many are willing to lower prices in the form of prompt payment discounts.

    • on average, suppliers are willing to offer a 3% discount for being paid just 15 days earlier
    • you will receive an annual rebate from your card provider that increases exponentially the more you spend
    • tripling spend on procurement cards from £500k to £1.5m could quadruple your rebate
  • Monitoring and management information

    Procurement cards can give you a powerful insight into your spending.

    • suppliers provide monthly statements showing details of all purchases. They are also available online, showing transactions awaiting statement
    • reports will help your organisation compare supplier costs and monitor purchasing behaviours, supporting future contract negotiations with suppliers
    • you can use standard reports or setup bespoke ones, depending on your needs
  • Control and security

    Giving you control and making your purchases safer.

    • easily update card holder profiles to add or remove staff and set and amend spend limits for specific cardholders
    • set and customise transaction limits for suppliers and merchant categories on the types of purchases that can be made
    • all providers on the framework are PCI DSS accredited and conform to regulatory controls surrounding the storage, transmission and
      processing of  data
The public sector has a critical role to play in supporting businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic – we must accelerate payments to suppliers to improve cash flow. Procurement cards are a key way of doing this, enabling instant payment for goods and services. They bring additional benefits to both account departments and to vendors by improving control and simplifying processes.
Gareth Rhys Williams
Government Chief Commercial Officer

Already using procurement cards?

The power is in your hands

Remember you can use procurement cards for all purchases across any areas of your business.

  • think about all of your expenditure – including current,
    short and long term expenses and upcoming projects where
    payments are needed
  • work with your Finance Department and your card provider to
    integrate your payments into your existing procurement card
  • talk to your suppliers – see if they accept cards and, if not, ask
    them to speak to their bank to enable card payments.

New to procurement cards?

Contact our team of industry experts and let us bring power to your procurement and get you started with procurement cards from CCS.

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