Getting your items where they need to be, safely, timely and cost-effectively.

We have created a commercial agreement, which covers all requirements for the movement of courier and specialist items

If you’re looking to move documents, records, packets and parcels or, if you need to move more specialist items, like samples, specimens, firearms or seized items , we have the ideal solution for your organisation.

Whatever your requirements, we can help take the pressure off and help ensure your items get to where they need to be in a safe, timely and cost-effective way.

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What are the benefits of using our courier framework?

  • Savings

    Whatever you’re looking to transport, using our frameworks can save you between 2% – 18% on the full range of courier services.

  • Safety

    Our accredited specialist couriers will safely transport your samples, specimens, firearms, seized goods and documents.

  • Secure

    Require security screening? We can provide robust protection against all manner of dangerous items and substances.

  • Comprehensive

    We can move anything through our courier agreements – from seized goods and boats to medical records and samples.

  • Fast

    Next day or same day, we can meet any requirement for the secure movement of documents, records, packets and parcels.

  • Local

    Collaborative regional opportunities supporting significant value for you and the supply market.

We're here to help

Whatever you need to move – from documents and records to specimens and firearms – we’re here to help give you peace of mind that your items will arrive safely, on-time and at the best possible price. Meaning you can focus on other priorities. 

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