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We understand there is a balance between enhancing and future proofing your estate, meeting demands on space, keeping costs to a minimum and avoiding disruption to the delivery of services. That’s why we developed our Offsite Construction Solutions agreement.

Offering an alternative to traditionally built accommodation, the agreement was developed to enable access to Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) whilst continuing to drive industry innovations

This new agreement provides a cost-effective solution which will support the public sector in the design, delivery and commissioning of a whole range of offsite construction projects, such as accommodation types, including defence, custodial and housing, new permanent and temporary schools and healthcare buildings.Regardless of the  complexity of your requirement, we can help with a ‘build your own solution’ approach.

The agreement has 29 suppliers, 62% of which are SMEs, and with that comes access to the very latest in supplier innovation and developments, with all suppliers adhering to modern slavery and social value requirements.

Why choose our Offsite Construction Solutions agreement?

  • simplicity: a simple 6 lot structure, encompassing an increased range of premanufactured building turnkey solutions within a single, consolidated agreement
  • efficiency: promotes the standardisation of building design across large portfolios of government infrastructure, therefore enabling greater time and cost-saving efficiencies through the project lifecycle, saving the taxpayer money
  • supporting SME’s: the new agreement aims to make it easier for clients to contract with SME organisations, with 62% of suppliers being classed as an SME
  • With 29 suppliers,  including a number of industry consortiums, this agreement is opening up greater opportunity to resource multiple and larger scale projects and programmes
  • flexibility: public sector contracting terms and conditions create an easier, more flexible route to market, tailorable to customers’ specific operational needs
  • value for money: suppliers have been selected using a combination of both qualitative and commercial measures, providing assurance to customers that the framework provides access to the lowest cost suppliers in the market
  • social value and sustainability: customers can request that suppliers tailor their offer to match their social value priorities
  • continuously improving services: we  work with a dedicated user group throughout the life of the framework agreement contract to improve service delivery, share best practices, and incorporate new industry developments and regulatory requirements

Framework Alliance Contract

Offsite Construction Solutions is a Framework Alliance Contract (FAC-1), which prioritises collaboration, early contractor engagement and performance management. This has the potential to reduce costs, shorten project timescales and reduce health and safety incidents on sites.

It supports the principles of the Government’s Construction Playbook to drive maximum efficiency from public sector contracts whilst ensuring the sustainability and improvement of the construction industry.

Under FAC, subcontractors have to sign up to the main supplier’s terms and conditions, increasing transparency and peace of mind for public sector customers. It also allows customers to select different suppliers to work collaboratively, with shared success factors, to drive efficiencies at project and programme level.

Through FAC, we aim to encourage more collaborative working and partnering to deliver innovative ways of working to our customers, on time and to budget.

Become an Alliance Member

How to access

To use our framework you must become an Alliance Member. There is no joining fee and no commitment or obligation to procure from the Framework Alliance Contract.

You can run a further competition or direct award, enabling you to address urgent or unplanned requirements quickly and cost effectively, as well as providing longer term offsite construction solutions.

Offsite Construction Solutions customers can procure both permanent and hire solutions through 6 sector-led lots (11 sub-lots in total):

Lot 1 – General Built Estate including Education

  • 1.1 £0m > £15m  Purchase and £0m> Hire of 3D turnkey solutions
  • 1.2 £15m > 3D Turnkey Solutions purchase only
  • 1.3 £0m > 2D Turnkey Solutions purchase only

Lot 2 – Healthcare

  • 2.1 £0m >  Purchase and £0m> Hiren3D Turnkey solutions only
  • 2.2 £0m > 2D Turnkey Solutions purchase only

Lot 3 – Residential 

  • Residential properties

Lot 4 – Justice

  • 4.1. 3D turnkey solutions
  • 4.2 2D turnkey solutions

Lot 5 – Defence

  • 5.1 3D turnkey solutions
  • 5.2 2D turnkey solutions

Lot 6 – Thermal Efficiency Upgrades

  • Thermal efficiency upgrades

Visit the framework page.

Advantages of offsite construction

Offsite construction offers a number of advantages over and above ‘traditional’ build solutions.

  • Cost and time savings

    Their construction is much speedier than traditional builds – on average, 50% faster – as fabrication of construction is completed off site. And with this comes a reduction in associated costs.

    Saving time in construction, and being designed, fabricated and constructed to the required design life, buildings constructed using offsite methods of construction invariably provide the lowest cost solution for your particular needs.

  • Sustainability

    Buildings constructed using offsite methods are more energy efficient for the end user, create less waste in terms of materials and can easily incorporate features to increase the embedded and operational efficiency of your building, such as solar panels and sustainable materials.

    As buildings are constructed offsite there is the added benefit of a reduction in the carbon footprint of the build, with fewer deliveries travelling to and from the build site.

  • Health and safety

    Compared to the risk factors of a traditional building site, a manufacturing environment allows for greater control and command of processes.

    Operating in a manufacturing environment reduces risk to workers’ health and safety based on less vehicle movement, less need to work from a height, controlled production lines, and allows complex assembly to be carried out at ground level.

  • Efficiency

    Traditional construction can suffer from delays due to weather, hold ups in the materials supply chain and inevitably a snag list that must be tackled on-site, which could delay occupancy. Using offsite methods, construction can already be underway off-site while the foundations are being laid.

  • Optimised site management

    Offsite construction offers a streamlined mode of operation. It cuts down disruption within the footprint of the construction site itself, as well as within the site or neighbourhood in which it will exist. 

  • Find out more...

    To find out more about these advantages for both purchaser and end user, and the benefits of Modern Methods of Construction in offsite construction, download our free whitepaper: Modular Buildings & Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) Why the public sector should be thinking ‘modular first’ today.

“We needed a quick solution to create more childcare facilities at 2 of our school sites, and our usual suppliers were unable to meet our deadlines. The CCS Modular Building Solutions framework was very straightforward to use and helped us experience working with new suppliers within our timescale. And we’re guaranteed to save money on the project too.”
Gareth Thomas RIBA
Architectural Services Manager, Isle of Anglesey County Council
Modular school building

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