Case study 29th September 2021

14 NHS trusts save £4 million on mobile voice and data services

Customers achieved an average of 70% savings against previously paid costs by taking part in a recent mobile voice and data services aggregated procurement.

Case study 21st September 2021

University of Manchester saves 50% on mobile contract with CCS aggregation service

Our national buying power can help you achieve great savings through technology aggregation. In this case study we explain how the University of Manchester saved 50% on mobile voice and data services

Case study 30th March 2021

CCS helps 39 schools save £323,000 on broadband and internet services

In our latest aggregation, 3 multi-academy trusts, comprising 39 schools, have saved £323,000 (equivalent of 38%) on broadband and internet services using our Education Technology framework.

Case study 30th December 2020

84 customers save over £2.8 million on Adobe licences

In our latest aggregation opportunity for Adobe licences, we helped 84 customers save on average 31.75% - the equivalent of over £2.8 million for those who took part.

Case study 18th September 2020

8 customers save £810,000 on IT equipment through collective buying

In our latest aggregation for IT hardware, we helped 8 customers save over £810,000 on equipment such as laptops, desktops and tablets, which was an average saving of 21%.