News 6th October 2021

Our new ‘sustainable’ transport technology agreement launched

Sustainable solutions at the heart of new transport technology agreement designed to help customers with decarbonisation across their procurement portfolio

Case study 29th September 2021

14 NHS trusts save £4 million on mobile voice and data services

Customers achieved an average of 70% savings against previously paid costs by taking part in a recent mobile voice and data services aggregated procurement.

Case study 21st September 2021

University of Manchester saves 50% on mobile contract with CCS aggregation service

Our national buying power can help you achieve great savings through technology aggregation. In this case study we explain how the University of Manchester saved 50% on mobile voice and data services

Blog 1st September 2021

Help us evaluate for our new public sector mobile voice and data services framework

Last year we began an innovative project to improve the procurement of UK public sector mobile voice and data services.

Case study 25th August 2021

The Crown Prosecution Service improve their user experience with our Technology Services 2 framework

Our latest case study explains how a new service desk provider helped improve user experience and lead to recommendations for saving money.