Aggregation combines similar requirements for common goods and services from multiple public sector organisations. The higher volume of combined demand enables CCS to achieve a highly competitive price and favourable terms from suppliers.

For buyers, aggregation has a simple tender process. It is also known as bulk buying.

Read more about CCS aggregation.

How to buy

Use CCS’s free eSourcing tool to run a further competition among the suppliers listed. Or use your own organisation’s sourcing tool.

The main stages of running a further competition are detailed in the guidance published for each framework. Generally they are:

  • Look for the latest Crown Commercial Service update: [current month/year].
    • Click on the latest update which opens a splash page
    • Click on the document titled “Crown Commercial Service update: [current month/year]”
    • Scroll through this document to “Aggregation opportunities”.
  • Contact CCS Customer Service Centre about aggregation opportunities and joining an eAuction or a national further competition. National further competitions are run by CCS on behalf of multiple buyers with the same or similar requirements.

Best for:

  • Most common goods and services, or a defined specification capable of aggregation with other public sector organisations
  • Requirements within scope of CCS framework agreements
  • Where time permits.

Not appropriate for:

  • Bespoke or complex requirements
  • Services unique to a single buyer
  • Urgent requirements.

Payment methods

Including but not limited to:

  • Government Procurement Card
  • BACS.

Who can use

Anyone who is eligible to use CCS frameworks.

Time to supply

National further competitions can take up to 20 weeks from expression of interest to delivery, depending on the complexity of the goods and services required and the number of buyers participating.


  • Combined buying power to leverage best prices based on volume
  • Simple tender procedure using standard processes and documentation which complies with public procurement regulations
  • CCS manages the process free of charge
  • Reduces bidder costs.


  • Takes time.